Week One, Weak One

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WESTWOOD: Week 2 Predictions

By David Jordan | Westwood Media Associate

Week 1 was a bit, ugh…rusty for a lot of folks. We get it, holiday season just passed, new years adjustments, not a lot of shots put up between the seasons. The rust showed last Thursday, but we should get a better showing in Week 2 out of our teams. We're lucky to have some great matchups, highlighted by the GAME OF THE WEEK between Ea$y Money and Ballaz Club. Some story lines to keep an eye out for in Week 2: Can Tim get his team back on track and lead his squad to a win? Can Mike James carry over his team’s success to Week 2? Lastly, who has already had enough? That's right, trade rumors! Week 2 could be the week for change in Westwood. Winning cures all, but a loss could have a ripple effect for certain squads. Only time will tell.

7 p.m. - Spartans (1-0) vs Legacy (1-0)

I’m not ready to completely switch up my initial thoughts on the Spartans, but their Week 1 performance was a monumental step in regards to making me a believer. With Tyree Gross and Carlos Bermudez-Glean leading the way, the Spartans may have arguably the best backcourt in Westwood. The Spartans got out and ran for the majority of the game, using the speed and athleticism to their advantage. No to mention , Rich Luc quietly dropped 18, scoring timely buckets to help slow down the Ruff Ryders runs. They will need to show up again this week as they have a tough matchup with Legacy looming.

Legacy didn’t have the best night in Week 1, but they got the win, and that’s what ultimately matters. They faced a Bred Honchos team who was severely undermanned, missing their first three picks. Even while being down, they battled to the best of their ability. It was an off night for the majority of Legacy, who will need to come ready to play against the Spartans. Be on the lookout for a key matchup between Tyree Gross and Shaquan Jones. Both guards will need to be productive in order to secure the win for their team.

Prediction: Legacy by 5

7 p.m. - All Style (0-1) vs Bred Honchos (0-1)

Feels like i’ve said this before but Allstyle is exactly who I thought they would be. There’s still time to prove me wrong, but Week 1 didn’t do them any favors. It’s not all bad though. For one, Isaiah Duke MIGHT show up. Secondly, Jude Valmeus wasn’t at his best, but rest assured he’ll get back to his ways, and fast. Allstyle is literally a strong team, and should be able to use their size as an advantage in Week 2.

Bred Honchos hung in there for as long as they could in Week 1, but eventually couldn’t hang with the deeply talented Legacy squad. Missing your top four picks from the draft never helps. With the season debut of Ace Gouch and Max Ukegbu, Bred Honchos can only trend upwards. Unfortunately for them, they come up against Jude’s squad which lost last week behind his rough performance. This could end up being a long night for the Honchos.

Prediction: Allstyle by 8

8 p.m. - Ruff Ryders (0-1) vs Beast Mode (0-1)

The Ruff Ryders are tough to read. On one hand, they didn’t play up to their potential, and can and will be better. On the other hand, they might just be who they are. I wasn’t in love with the team make up from the get go, but they have potential. The “old fat man, the commish” led with one point shy of 30.  If they can keep the turnovers down and figure out a way to use big man Adam Quinlan more effectively, this team could be the sleeper team of Westwood this season. Unfortunately, they have a Week 2 game that doesn’t favor them in the matchup category.

Beast Mode blew a large lead last week, eventually leading to an L from Ballaz Club. Beast Mode showed that they have the talent it takes to win, but they’ll need to get on one page in order to make it work. Yemi Ajao was held to 7 points and 2 rebounds, which is something you won’t see every week. I have faith in them figuring it out, starting this week against a Ruff Ryders squad who they should have favorable matchups against.

Prediction  - Beast Mode by 12.

8 p.m. -Ea$y Money (1-0) vs Ballaz Club (1-0)

It’s only Week 2, but this one has must see written all over it. Ea$y Money had a great opening to the season. Defensively they are a problem, just like we thought they would be. Their scoring will need to be more consistent, but it shouldn't be a problem between big man Steph Eusebe and sharp shooter Nick Kineip. They toyed with the competition towards the end of the match, but they’ll need to play a full game in order to get the win this week.

Ballaz Club came away with a big win in Week 1, but who’s surprised. Behind Julio Balbuena’s huge reintroduction to UH Westwood, Ballaz Club was able to overcome a large deficit to earn their first win of the season. Christian Reddick had a great UH debut as well. Team captain Chris McLaughlin has to be pleased with his team after the opener, but can’t become complacent. They take on Ea$y Money for the (way too early) top spot in Westwood. With the team not having a ton of size, it will be interesting to see how they try to contain Steph Eusebe in the post.

Prediction | Ea$y Money By 7

Power Rankings

1. Ea$y Money

2. Ballaz Club

3. Legacy

4. Spartans

5. Beast Mode

6. Allstyle

7. Ruff Ryders

8. Bred Honchos

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