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SHELBY REC LEAGUE: Preseason Power Rankings

By Amber Rasho | Shelby Media Associate

1. Goblin Skillz

The fall season champions are back for another season. This team has continuously dominated season after season in this league. They have proven to be tough competition with the strong connection this team portrays. As we begin this season and see new teams in the league, this could give Goblin Skillz a bigger challenge.

2. Dat Ain’t Fair

This team has made a statement in this league with being successful. Guards Mckinsey Golfin and DeMarco Paige both have a career average of over 20 points per game, making them an offensive threat to this league. With their return this season, they are looking to make a statement this season towards success. 

3. Front Runners

This team is making a reappearance from the spring season of 2017. After winning back-to-back seasons in 2017, they look to make a big comeback here at Shelby. It has been a long time since we have seen some of these players in the league, let alone back playing together. We will see if they can regain their firepower and turn out successful this season. 

4. Y-Lie

Y-Lie is another team who we have seen return each season here at Shelby. Last season, Johnnie Brown and Alex Dobiasz both assisted their team leading in stats all throughout the charts. As they had some struggles last season, that most definitely will fuel this team to play better and harder this season. 

5. All or Nothing

With the talented number of versatile scorers on this team they look to turn things around from last season. Last season, this team had some struggles with filling their roster, but this season they have turned that around and gained more strength in the team. 

6. Balkan Brother Brand

BBB is back this season with a new roster and is ready to play. Last season the team had some very close ending games, but this season they look to come out more successful and finish games with wins. Hopefully with this new season, they can find more stability in their new roster and a strong team connection. 

7. Nothing But Net

This may be a new name in the league, but it has some familiar faces. Devon Keating and Alfonzo Eggleston (previously from BBB), have returned with a new squad. By them forming a new team this season, they look to make some adjustments from last season to come out successful and be more competitive and a threat.

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