KOP’s Finest Knock Off the Defending Champs

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KING OF PRUSSIA: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Kenny Brown | King of Prussia League Coordinator

1. KOP’s Finest (1-0)

KOP’s Finest came out Week 1 and knocked off the defending champs King and Duck. This team has all the pieces needed to make a run at the championship banner. Stephen Coachi, who was leading the league in scoring in the fall season prior to injuring his knee, is back at full strength. New addition Joe Colangelo  is an all-around guard who can score at all three levels. Big man Larry Tape Jr gives this squad size and rebounding. They will be tough to beat all season long.

2. Mud Dogs (1-0)

The Mud Dogs, formerly known as the Injured List, is back this season with one goal to win the championship. They came out Week 1 and dominated their opponent putting the league on notice; they are here for the long haul. Mike Zhadkevich’s impact on this team is tremendous. They lost two games total last season and Mike missed both of those game. They have not lost a game in which he has played. If they stay healthy, a spot in the championship game is inevitable.

3. Sunline (1-0)

Sunline is back. The fall league runner up has reloaded and come back with a vengeance. Captain Mark Lepine brought back the core guys Donte McDaniel, Abdiel Ortiz, and Carmen Fortino. They made a great run in the fall and fell short. Week 1 they hit the ground running with an easy win. It’s championship or bust for these guys.

4. King and Duck (0-1)

King and Duck take an early tough loss Week 1 playing without Fall League MVP Ty Teasley. Captain Marcus Gaskins’ team has won three of the last four championship banners, the last two back-to-back. They are looking to three-peat this winter and create a dynasty. They return all seven players from the last two championships and have made it clear they are getting that third in a row.

5. The PayneKillers (0-1)

The PayneKillers took a loss in Week 1 but are loaded with guard talent. Captain and sharp shooter Alex Riley recruited some young athletic players Emilio Brady and Pete Martignetti. Point guard Andre Watkins returns after a season off. When this team is able to run they will be hard to beat.

6. KOP’s Finest (0-1)

The Hit Squad is back and return three core players, captain Kenny Brown,  Mike Monroe, and Phil Cavalcante. They have added another big man Don Jaun Cooper and veteran guard Mike Orenstein. They took a beating Week 1 and it wasn’t pretty. This squad has talent and needs to get back to the basics and let the game flow. This season will test the patience of their players and their will to win. Gonna be a long season and lots of growth.