Happy Endings and New Beginnings

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BURLINGTON: Week 1 Predictions

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

After a tough state tourney debut from Burlington, we are glad it's OVER! It's a new season for Burlington and we have some familiar faces, while some new faces have been added to the mix as well. Although it's a new season, the same great intensity still awaits us during tip off at 7 p.m. In our third season, Burlington is looking to establish its place among the UH Boston Juggernauts, as Westwood and MetroWest have carved out their own paths, Burlington is looking to leave a mark of its own. With the state tournament not coming back until the spring, Burlington has a chance to get its house in order before throwing their names in the hat for chance to compete for the state title. Let’s take a look at this week’s matchups.

7 p.m. - Dream Team vs Reformation

The Dream Team comes into Tuesday’s matchups as the Burlington veteran team looking to establish their presence early on. Chris Brown and King Nicolas should help power a Dream who has the talent to give the competition nightmares and make a true run for the league championship. Also getting the fun duo of former league champs Zee Zhang and Jake Horne in the draft bringing their experience over should give Dream the edge.

Reformation is a guard-heavy team with a plethora of UH rookies, although that may not be a bad thing, it may take some time adjusting their game flow. Burlington vet and new league commissioner Tim McCarthy will be trying to lead his team to a big win opening night. They don’t have youth on their side but they do have experience.  Zach Bayer and Tim Williams are two vets who may surprise you with their ability to control the flow of a game. In the backcourt, you also have Chris “Frizz” Frissore who is a solid combo guard. But the question is, will Reformation figure it all out fast enough to be competitive? Only time will tell!

Prediction: Dream Team by 8

7 p.m. - Legendary vs $hmoney

What’s better than one Fahey? Two! The Fahey Brothers are teaming up yet again in what should be a great season for Legendary. Zach Fahey has proven to be a relentless scorer last season, and with some help, it’s going to be a problem.  Although the brother tandem will be an interesting storyline to follow, keep an eye on first time captain Carlos Rance and rookie Jim Webber. The 6’5 Webber may prove to be a steal and a game changer this season in Burlington.

Tomas “Boston Bane” Morales and Stephen Prescod…on one squad! Burlington hasn’t started and they already have a problem. The duo of Morales and Prescod may be the most dangerous in Burlington this season and puts $hmoney in line to be one of the early favorites to win the league title. They also have Goran “G$” Smiljic returning, a sharp shooter on the wing ready to launch. Added to this team is Elzey James, who’s new to Burlington but not to UH, coming over from a very competitive career in MetroWest. The games still have to be played, but on paper, they look pretty good.

Prediction: $hmoney by 10

8 p.m. - Fire vs The Rox

Fire may be one of the most well-rounded teams in the league when it’s all said and done. The combo of Marc Pierre-Louis, Marco Banegas-Flores and Calvin Pinney makes Fire a dangerous squad. 6’3 shooting big man Tyler White should give them the added frontcourt size that they need not to mention the “OG” Trent Headley, who can put up an a plethora of 3s at any time. These guys won’t have a problem scoring, so as long as it comes together on the defensive end, Fire will find themselves in a great spot.

The Rox squad isn’t anything to scoff at and could possibly be the most underrated team in Burlington this season. Thomas Ugbesia leads a talented Rox Team, running with him this season is Isaac “I Pick Things Up, I Put Things Down” Remy and Marquise “40 Piece Quis” Ensley will for sure be a great help defensively.  Returning to UH and making his Burlington debut after six seasons off due to a major injury Denzel Teleau who is one of the most undersized big men in Boston. Completing the frontcourt is Howard West, who balances out their size. These guys will be good, but we still have to wonder, where will their offense come from?

Prediction: Fire By 6

Preseason Power Rankings

1. Fire

2. $hmoney

3. The Rox

4. Dream Team

5. Legendary

6. Reformation