Who will win the summer draft league and raise a banner in Garden City?


GARDEN CITY, NY: Draft League Championship Game Prediction

By Anthony Leo | Garden City Co-League Coordinator

Jeury’s Familia vs Lessons 4 Kids

It’s been a long summer season, but we have finally reached the championship game. Tonight one team will earn the right to raise a banner in Garden City. The defending champion co-captains Michael Mastro and Jordan Oringer will take on the Rosenbloom brothers tonight for the summer league title. Both teams are on a roll right now and haven’t lost a game in over a month. Lessons 4 Kids has won 7 straight and Jeury’s Familia has won 5 straight games. They both enter with 8-2 records, but in those games they only faced off one time and that was all the way back in week one of the regular season on July 9th. It has been a long time since they last played and they both have improved. When you look at the team stats neither team has been lighting up the scoreboard with 80 points a game.

Both teams have reached this point because they are top 2 in defense this season allowing just around 60 points per game or fewer. Both teams also have a lot of depth and share the ball well as a team getting everyone involved in the offense. It’s no secret why Jeury’s Familia is back in the championship game. They are lead by Mike Mastro who leads the team in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. He does it all each and every night and I don’t expect that to change in a championship game. The key to this game is not how Lessons 4 Kids guard’s Mastro because we all know Mastro is going to put up his numbers. They key is how well Lessons 4 Kids defends the guys around Mastro. Offensively for Lessons 4 Kids they need Rashawn Church, Jake Rosenbloom and Corey Altman to take charge tonight. They will more than likely face a zone and Maxx Rosenbloom needs to be that guy in the middle who finds the open guy. If they move the ball well on offense, hit open threes and contain the guys around Mastro they have a great chance to win this game. In the end I think this one is a nail biter that comes down to the final few possessions and well see who executes when it counts the most. 
PICK: Jeury’s Familia