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WARRENVILLE: Week 5 Predictions

By Dijon Knight | Warrenville League Coordinator

No Size vs Good Fellas 7:30 PM

With the addition of Donnell Palmer who leads in votes right now for top performance from week 4 and their new free agent signing in Ronald Warren Good Fellas has a punchers chance at victory tonight. Rob Golden will continue his consistent shooting from the mid range and Jonny Mazz and Tom McManigal will bring the energy and support as usual.

Hopefully Evan M. Hill is present to give them some size and help on the boards. If Derek Evans and Jonathan Tate McCray show this could get interesting. No Size in the other hand has had consistent play from Matt Wilhelmi all season. Marcus Harris made his season debut week 4 and gave them a much needed boost. Adam Johnson Jr. has assumed the leader position for this team that is missing their captain. Big minutes from Zachary Abrams who can stretch the floor will be key tonight. Chavez D Epps continues to do the dirty work for this group.

The X factor is Parker. If Jeremy Parker comes to play like the dog has in him this time will should come up with the landslide win.

Prediction: No Size Win 83-60

Gr8tful 8 vs UNCoachables 8:30 PM

This will be a hard fought defensive war between two teams that think they have a shot to win it all. UNC is a man short tonight with key player Kendall Dorsey placed in IR this week expected to be back next week. Bashiri Henry has been a nice find for this team so far in the season, but has since cooled off a bit since coming out hot week 1, but still averaging a solid 9.0 pts and 6.3 rebs pregame. Trevon Grazier is also having a solid season with 11.0 pts 5 rebs ppg. AJ Pitzer gives them some size and another option in the pick and roll game.

While Greg Leflein brings his fire and attitude weekly providing a spark when needed. However, this team has their hands full against G88 who has the deepest roster in the league top to bottom with all solid and consistent players who all have experience not just playing, but playing together and they often can be found hooping in the club early Saturday mornings. Ed Reeder is feeling like the man right now after sinking a devastating game winner at the buzzer last week.

Doug Lambert is a known dawg around the Lifetime courts with college experience hopping at Aurora University back in his hay day. Luke Murray and Tony Carson both are averaging double figures carrying big weight. Tony Quarto, Ray Gamaro and Dustin Stewart are all averaging 8 points per game playing their rolls to perfection. This game will come down to defensive stops and who can get the most stops then convert on the other end. I hate picking my team to lose but I have to say slight advantage to G88. ðŸ¤¦ðŸ¾â€â™‚️

Prediction: Gr8tful 8 Wins 63-61

Hooperz vs Clean Up Crew 8:30 PM

Not sure what to expect from Hooperz to be honest. They are a team on the bubble of being bad and solid. It all depends who shows up for them. David Romas is this teams engine and primary ball handler and always come to play. Wesley Love has proven to be a high energy player who can score inside and out. Morris Ellis is their heartbeat and inside presence. Ellis can be a load in he middle scoring and on the boards. Andrew Laackman has been a key body and roll player for them doing dirty work along with Brian Colgan. Jamari Roberts-Brooks is trying to find his roll on this team as he has show he has some scoring ability. Lou Primbas has been a no show all year. Literally he has not been here to a game yet after signing up to play and is still question mark for this week. New free agent Dave Melby made it be know that he would be out this week after signing last week due to business trip which certainly hurts. Clean Up Crew is a team on a mission. The defending champs have taken care of business all season. Lead by their team Captain ALPHONSO PRINCE aka “ZO”( I had to say his name in all caps because he takes it as disrespect when I leave him out of the league write ups). Zo is the sharp shooter and is not shy about calling out his mismatch. Derrick Levy was a great addition for them moving in from Denver just in time for he summer season. Matthew Pemberton is a high energy guy and beast in the paint cleaning the glass. He and Lewis Fitzgerald have an unorthodox jump shot, but it tends to go in for them. Fitzgerald is shooting close to 60 percent on the season right at .56% from the field. Will Upton back after a broken hand last season is another guy with a lot of energy on the court and someone to be accounted for when the shot goes up. Max Lewis is a quite leader for this team letting his game do the talking. Lewis leads them in points and assist on the season. Clean Up Crew should be able to pull off the victory.

Prediction: Clean Up Crew Win 84-70