Can Kobe's Rebounders Repeat As Champions?


MOUNT LAUREL | Finals Prediction

8:30 PM

#1 All Buckets (7-2) v. #2 Kobe's Rebounders (7-2)

A matchup many predicted from the start of the season, the Summer championship will feature the two premier big-men in the league.
Kobe's Rebounders has Mike Kouser, last season's MVP and the reigning league champion. All Buckets has this season's MVP in Dame Gross. The two battled in each of their two games against each other this season, and their team's split the season-series 1-1. The battle between these two will be the marquee matchup to watch throughout the game.
Aside from having Gross in the middle, All Buckets has arguably the deepest roster in the league. With the versatility of Tone Bronner, Drew Harris, Justin DeJoseph and Tommy Egan, along with the outside shooting of Hope Phillips, it's no surprise that they're still alive at this point of the season. 
Kobe's Rebounders, on the other side, doesn't necessarily have the depth that All Buckets does. That being said, they have some battle-tested champions in Eric Moats and everyone's favorite player Jay Sumpter. Along with those two, Damian Smith, Danny Nguyen and Casey Langelround out the roster and have all been factoring contributors toward the team's success this season.
While All Buckets might have slightly more talent, Kobe's Rebounders has been in this situation before and knows what it takes to win a title.
On paper, All Buckets is probably the better team, but I'm not betting against the reigning champs in what should be an exciting back-and-forth battle.

PREDICTION: Kobe's Rebounders 71, All Buckets 69