My Gaithersburg Championship Prediction


by Remy Primas

GAITHERSBURG: Championship Predictions | Heart of a Champion

7:30pm - Texas A&M vs Alabama A&M - This is the game all fans have been waiting on. The best of the best will finally face off for UH supremacy.

Both the Aggies and the Bulldogs had the best records to end the season. It should be of no surprise why they’re getting ready to compete for the championship.

When I look at each of these teams. I see solid rosters and big time play making ability. That tells me that this one will more than likely be very close.

Can team captain Jerry Mcfadden get his teammates to continue their post season dominance? Or will the powerhouse known as Texas A&M show up to take this one over? I anticipate this game being as physical and competitive as they come.

Reagan Zamena, Ivan Beran, Dwight Holmes and Rich Balles of Alabama A&M live for that style of play. Not to be outdone are players like Shelby Jupiter, Daniel Kamara & Tom Wang of the Aggies.

All I can say is this game will be as good as it gets.

Prediction - Bulldogs by 3