Can Old School Beat Bhoudini?

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 8 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

44 Minutes (0-7) vs. Boozers (3-4)

Greg Goorjian's Boozers will face 44 Minutes for the first time this season and let's see if Jason Salerno suits up for the Boozers and grabs a plethora of rebounds, perhaps 30 of them. We've seen a lot of mixed rosters for the Boozers as there hasn't seemed to be the same starting five at all. Regardless of the matchup, I truly believe that the Boozers will play solid, fundamental basketball and capture their fourth win of the season.

Prediction: Boozers -9

GoodFellas (3-2) vs. Alcoballics (2-3)

Stefan Hanania's GoodFellas will battle it out against Jay Schuttert and the Alcoballics. Schuttert was absent in last week's game against the Boozers and hopefully he'll suit up to try and stop the bigger GoodFellas' forwards. Watch out for the Alcoballics' Luis Maceira to run like crazy in transition and be aggressive all game long. I know that the GoodFellas will be able to stop him and whatever transition offense the Alcoballics present. Kerry Knoll needs to have a clutch game from downtown and Tim Kachinsky will be defended a lot.

Chris Ford of the GoodFellas is by far their best player and perhaps an MVP candidate. He can play against anyone in this league and he will be guarded a lot by the Alcoballics. Watch out for Jeff Jones to make some big-time 3s and for Brent Husson to make some tough shots as the GoodFellas will come out winners.  

Prediction: GoodFellas -8

Those Guys (1-5) vs. OOMG (5-1)

Zee Shan's Those Guys will look for the upset win against the always dangerous OOMG. Those Guys need to attack like crazy in the paint and draw fouls instead of chucking up three after three. Meanwhile, OOMG have themselves clutch 3-point shooters in L.C. Comine and Michael Carboni and I know they have the confidence to knock them down. This will be an easy, run-away victory for OOMG and will already be setting their sights on the regular season finale next week.

Prediction: OOMG -23

Buckeyes (4-2) vs. RudeDogs (2-5)

Joe Paulk and the Buckeyes will face the RudeDogs as this could possibly be a low-scoring contest, that is if all the players for the Buckeyes shows up. The duo of Anthony Khotsikian and Evan Hunt must be aggressive and score like crazy for the RudeDogs. The RudeDogs only scored 37 points last week and this number will not win you games. I know that Anthony Bowe can score in double figures and make tough shots, so we'll see how the RudeDogs run their offense.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes have plenty of top-notch shooters in Paulk, Paul Sexton and Rob Murphy. We will see Murphy, Paul Boag and Anthony Becker be aggressive against some of the bigger guys from the RudeDogs for sure. I believe that Dominic Pedotto will be the top scorer for the Buckeyes and capture the win.

Prediction: Buckeyes -10

Bhoudini (6-0) vs. Old School (5-2)

Bhoudini is riding out an undefeated season, but they will have to square of against Old School in what will be a unique game. Charlie Farber and Daniel Bower are a very powerful one-two punch and Old School guys like Brian Stanton and Alexander Gonzalez of Old School can stop them as they play exceptional defense all the time. Watch out for Edwin Urbina of Bhoudini to blow by some of Old School's defenders and I want to see him be a more prolific scorer in this one. He's also a pretty good rebounder as the point guard is averaging 11 rebounds per game.

Old School's Shaun Story loves to attack in the paint and draw some fouls, so Bhoudini needs to make sure to be careful all the time going up against him. Stanton will be looked at a whole lot and he's always up for the challenge. Old School's defense is one of the best in the league, but Bhoudini is too powerful in all phases.

Prediction: Bhoudini -5.5