The Power Rankings are Starting to Shape the Fall Playoff Picture

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CHARLOTTE: Week 7 Power Rankings

By Justin Polley | Charlotte League Coordinator

Five games in, and the Heat remain undefeated, and prove they are the team to beat this season in Charlotte Draft League. Jerome Lynch and the Heat got their rescheduled game in vs. the Warriors and proved to be the best of the unbeaten. They currently sit atop the power rankings as the only remaining undefeated team.

1. TEAM HEAT (5-0)

Playing a 7 P.M. and 9 P.M. game last week proved to be simple for this team as Rishawn Brown and Jerome Lynch continued to carry their team in scoring. Todd Guear made a strong defensive and rebounding presence for this team in both games, as defense proved to be what this team is built to win on. After finally getting the chance to play every team in the league, the Heat proved they will be a strong contender for the Fall League Championship come the end of December.


The absence of Ali Waheed was prevalent as the Warriors Franchise suffered their first loss in two seasons, at the hands of the undefeated Heat. Jack Maus looked to score early an often in their game but just wasn’t enough to overtake the Heat.

3. TEAM NETS (2-3)

Not at full strength again vs Heat seemed costly for the Nets. The absence of Landon Beckwith and his scoring output made the Nets chances of beating the Heat decrease. The late season addition of Chris Kent has really bolstered their rebounding numbers and will help them down the long stretch. The Nets just like the Warriors and Lakers, hope to be right in the mix for the No. 2 seed in the playoffs and a chance to knock off the Heat.

4. TEAM LAKERS (2-3)

Tim Hartman and company welcomed Carlton Holmes onto the Lakers franchise with open arms. Carlton contributed 15 points this past week as the Lakers got back on the winning side of things with a dominating win vs. Knicks. Tim Hartman and Bakari Sellers contributed with buckets, assists, and rebounds to put the Lakers in a tie with the Nets for the third best record in the league.

5. TEAM KNICKS (0-5)

Andre Procope returns and puts in a solid game for the Knicks, but it was still not enough for them to get their first win of the season. Valentine Jackman and crew continues to struggle on defense and have yet to find a rhythm on offense. Something has to change for the Knicks if they plan on making a playoff run.