FireStorm Won't Be Able to Handle a Back-to-Back


WEST BLOOMFIELD OPEN:  Week 8 Predictions 

By Joe Kassis | West Bloomfield Open

6 p.m. – C4 (6-1) vs. Monstars (3-3) 

C4 put up a season-high 133 points the last time these two teams matched up in a 44-point victory.  With the holiday week and rosters in potential flux, this should be a high-paced, high-scoring matchup where both teams could reach 100.  C4 has the advantage after Roger Hood and TJ Warren combined for 74 points last time they played against Monstars.      

Prediction: C4 103 - Monstars 97

7 p.m. – FireStorm (1-5) vs. Monstars (3-3)

Monstars will be tired but have a significant talent advantage over FireStorm.  With this being their last playoff tune-up before the semifinals, Monstars should find a way to come out on the right end of this one, despite being on the second half of a doubleheader.  

Prediction: Monstars 93 - FireStorm 81

8 p.m. – FireStorm (1-5) vs. 808's and Fastbreaks (1-6) 

This matchup is advantage 808's if both teams were at an even playing field, but with FireStorm already playing a game at 7 p.m.., they will be exhausted coming into this matchup.  With 808's quick pace of play and 3-point heavy offensive attack, they should be able to take advantage of the tired legs of FireStorm.  

Prediction: 808's and Fastbreaks 81 - FireStorm 76

9 p.m. – Gamers (1-6) vs. Hit Squad (7-0)

The records coming into this game would make an outsider think it will be a blowout, however, Gamers provide a matchup issue for Hit Squad when employing their 2-3 zone and making them hit shots from the outside.  The extra pass, outside shooting, and zone playing Gamers will be more than competitive against Hit Squad tonight.  Not ready to predict the upset, but a competitive game for sure.    

Prediction: Hit Squad 78 - Gamers 75