Who Will Bring Home the Championship?


RALEIGH: Championship Game Prediction

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

Lifetime Rebels vs Heat

The game is set and we have the two teams that have been atop of the power rankings all season facing off. 

The Lifetime Rebels are lead by team Captain Mo Niasse, averaging almost 10 rebounds a game, along with the Harris brothers, who are deadly from behind the arc. With David shooting 40 percent from deep and averaging five made per game, while his brother Jake is shooting 50 percent and knocking down at least three per game. These two shooters are known to get extremely hot at times. For example, they combined for 18 of the team’s 24 3-pointers made earlier this season. 

The Heat, lead by team Captain Eric Wright, who has put together a talented roster capable to running with anyone on the court. Led on court by this season’s MVP, Thomas Hunt, who averaged 24 ppg and 6.3 rpg. Along with the league’s leading rebounder Choo Little, who averaged 12 rebounds a game and one of the top first-time players in Chase Tyler who averaged 22 ppg. 

This game will come down to which team can control the pace of game and which team can contain the others scorers. 

Prediction: Lifetime Rebels