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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Semifinals and Consolidation Championship Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate


No. 1 Bhoudini (7-1) vs. No. 4 GoodFellas (4-4)

This is probably going to be another close game as the last time these two squads faced each other, Bhoudini came out winners in overtime. I know that pretty much everyone on the GoodFellas will suit up, what about Bhoudini. They could really use their center in Jim Reilly as he's only played in three games this season and has missed the last two games. If he does suit up, we'll either see the GoodFellas' Jeff Jones or Brent Husson try and contain him. The duo of Charlie Farber and Daniel Bower of Bhoudini will need to be on their 'A' game and draw some fouls as they went 11-19 from the charity stripe the last time they faced the GoodFellas. In that game, Bhoduini went 12-24 from the charity stripe, so they need to take their time and deliver in the clutch. Watch out for Edwin Urbina to grab some key rebounds and for the GoodFellas' Sam Michelli to slow him down at times.

The GoodFellas' Chris Ford is going to be Bhoudini's main target as the man can score at will. He's always making shot after shot and Bhoudini can't afford to have him going off. Watch out for Stefan Hanania and Jones to have a solid game all around and score some tough ones. This is the hardest game I've picked all season long as both teams have so many great attributes about them. If Ford scores early and often and the GoodFellas grab rebound after rebound, they could win this one, however, if Bhoudini shoots over 50 percent, they could win this one.

Prediction: Bhoudini +3.5

No. 2 OOMG (7-1) vs. No. 3 Buckeyes (6-2)

Even though the Buckeyes lost against OOMG by 10 points in Week 4, it was still a competitive contest. Joe Paulk drilled down six treys for 25 points, while Dominic Pedotto got himself 21 points. The Buckeyes have plenty of talent on this team, but they need everyone to suit up and be ready to stop OOMG. I really want to see Paul Sexton be more aggressive and shot the ball more. Paul Boag and Rob Murphy need to have their best defensive outing of the season if they want to slow down OOMG's fast-paced offense.

Sam Earl scored 39 points in the last meeting between the Buckeyes and perhaps he'll put on another display in this one. Watch out for Michael Carboni to light it up from downtown and for point guard Juan Carter to find the open man all game long. Will we see Kenny McNeil suit up for OOMG? If he does, boy will this be a 3-point outing. All of the sharp shooters that OOMG displays is intriguing as they should advance to the championship game.

Prediction: OOMG -5.5

Consolidation Championship

Old School (6-3) vs. Boozers (5-4)

The last time these two teams played each other was in week six where Old School won by a 64-50 final. In that game, Jason Salerno of the Boozers was absent and he's surprisingly hasn't played a whole lot this season. He'll be a vital player for the Boozers to go up against Alexander (AG) Gonzalez and try to grab those boards. Another solid matchup to look out for is the Boozers' Don Brkovich and Old School's Brian Stanton. Even though Stanton is shorter than Brkovich, he's a more dynamic rebounder and it will be interesting to see if they actually go up against each other. Of course Greg Goorjian will be a prolific scorer for the Boozers, so Old School needs to do everything they can to slow him down. Watch out for Dan Lumello of Old School to attempt a lot of 3s and he's either making a whole lot of the threes or missing quite a few of them in a game. I have faith in Old School to win this one as Stanton has my vote as the player of the game.

Prediction: Old School -6.5