Who Will Face Off in the Championship Game?


RALEIGH: Semifinals Predictions

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

Heat vs Monstars 

The Heat are coming off a big win last week in the first round, avenging their first round loss last season to Unsigned Hype. Led by Thomas Hunt’s 28 points, the Heat were able to hold off a late run by Unsigned Hype to move on. The Monstars may have all the momentum they need right now as the look to continue knocking off the higher seeds. Things became a little heated with Kareem Triaki and one of the other players and it seemed to give Kareem all the motivation he needed. In the second half, he completely took over dropping 23 of his 27 points on the Defenders for the opportunity to move onto the next round. 

Prediction: Heat

Lifetime Rebels vs D.R.

The Rebel’s are coming off one of the most impressive shooting displays I have ever seen knocking down 20 3-pointers between three players. David Harris led the way with a total of 38 points while knocking down seven 3s. It’s safe to say that my prediction that D.R. would be a real contender became a reality. The Cerda brothers continues to play a physical game that seems to get into their opponents heads. Last time these two teams meet it was a very close game until the Rebels pulled away in the last five minutes.

Prediction: Lifetime Rebels