It’s Time for the Final Four Teams to Duke it Out


WESTCHESTER: Semi Finals Preview

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator


Massa Coastal (6-2) vs Shake & Bake (5-4)

Two teams with probably the best point guards in the league matching up. Mike Coburn has been unstoppable this season and is the No. 8 nationally ranked player. I mean he’s been red hot. Antione Johnson on the other hand is always a closer and does what his team needs to win the game. Antione will have to do a lot this week as he is playing the highest scoring team in the league. Should be really close.

Mazzacone Drainer’s (5-4) vs ManDown (5-3)

Last week Mazzacone pulled off a great win and with Robert Hoffman averaging over 14 rebounds per game, he is going to have to do more of the same this week. Ram also needs to keep up this red hot streak he is have. He had 17 assists last week and was looking like there was no way to stop him. Hopefully the rest will work out well for ManDown as their last win was verse Mazzacone in Week 8. The teams are 1-1 verse each other and this tie breaker is a great way to see which team is really the better squad.