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DALLAS: Semifinal Predictions

By Travis Hill | Dallas Media Associate


6:30 P.M. - No. 3 Scoregasms (6-3) v No. 2 Backyard All-Stars (6-3)

A playoff matchup UH Dallas is used to seeing. Last season Scoregasasms sent BYA packing in the semifinals -- not to mention blew them out by 30 points just a few weeks ago.  Some would say there is bad blood between the two squads, as the Scoregasms picked up long time BYA player EJ in the offseason. That said, BYA’s roster has only been at full strength three times this season. Each of those three games: 20-plus point victories.

While being guard oriented, with the ability to shoot the 3, but also possessing the power and athleticism in the front court with Ross Self and Austin Smith; the Scoregasasms are real trouble for the ever-aging BYA Roster.  BYA is used to playing in big time semifinal matchups but have fallen off as a stable No. 1 contender of late due to lack of late game endurance and inconsistent shooting. 

This game will be played at a high pace with strong energy, and will come down to the wire. The goal for BYA is to have their three pillars in the front court - Dave Flaherty, Mike Swisher, and Mike Carroll - deliver easy buckets in the paint. On the flip side, if Staton Stanridge and Tom Hatch get it going early and can facilitate for their teammates, it might be too much to manage for opposing BYA guards.

It will be close, but victory favors the recent historical data.

Prediction: Scoregasms 85, BYA 79


7:30 P.M. - No. 1 Saggy Jammers (7-2) v No. 4 Side Hustle (6-3)

The Saggy Jammers might remind you of the Bash-Brothers from Mighty Ducks, controlling the paint, limiting second chances, and always depleting their opponents with “streaky shooting” all while bruising the other team on their way to easy victories.  And, due to their synergy, understanding of roles and responsibilities, the Saggy Jammers find themselves, yet again, within contention of a banner.  That being said, Side Hustle can still prove a serious problem for the Jammers this week.

Its no secret that Side Hustle lives and dies from the 3-point line.  Even though you might not often agree with his style or shot selection, Spencer Barrett is a tough guard.  But if you really analyze why Side Hustle consistently appears in the Final Four, it’s the combination of Dylan Thompson and Tyler Angelo.  In a world where no one enjoys to be touched, these men will ensure they make their presence known in the paint, where they make sure their opponents never get an easy basket.

They say the only thing that can beat “raw talent” is experience. And let me tell you, from 60-year-old Dave Little to these other guys picking up chicks at their 8th grade dance together. The Saggy Jammers roster is a case study in experience. They are a true representation of "Do your job and I'll do mine.” The league is well aware of Zea and Rollings, but the only way they punch their ticket to the finals is through the tough defense of Ryan Manack and a huge display of offense from Brijon Montero.

Prediction: Saggy Jammers 79, Side Hustle 76

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