Playoffs are Here and We are on the Way to Crowning a Champion


WESTCHESTER: Quarterfinals Predictions

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator


’98 Knicks (3-5) vs Shake & Bake (4-4)

A great matchup this week with lots of champions on the court. Look for a big game from some of the veterans like Dave Capers and Boo Burford. Dave is averaging 30 points and 10 rebounds this season while Boo is averaging 25 points 5 rebounds. These two can light it up and with the playoffs on the line there should be no shortage of scoring in this game. Look for Shake & Bake to come out with this one though.

Mazzacone Drainer’s (4-4) vs Illmatic (2-6)

Don’t be fooled by the records here, both these teams can play. Mazzacone Drainer’s are young and with only one player having a championship under their belt it should be interesting to see how they play when the stakes are this high. As for Illmatic they have some great players who have been in a dog fight before in this league and have come out on top. This one will be a back and forth game and it will come down to who wants it more.