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FOLSOM: Round 1 Playoff Predictions

By Cory Gregersen | Folsom Media Associate

6 P.M. - Scrappy Hour (0-8) vs Ballbarians (5-3)

After a disappointing winless season, Scrappy Hour still has a chance in the playoffs. Led by Dillon Gugin and Ron Jacobs, Scrappy Hour will go all out this week with nothing to lose. Watch out for the size advantage that Scrappy Hour has with Jacobs and Nick Armocido against James Doran and Carson McMurtrey. If point guards Vuk Mitic and Dillon Gugin can move the ball into their bigs, they have a chance.

The Ballbarians are led by James Doran and Virender Shergill, who can score with ease. Their biggest challenge will be defense, look for hustle player Chris Wadsworth to make an impact as he can guard almost any position. I predict the Ballbarians to outpace Scrappy Hour with their 3-point shooting.

Prediction: Ballbarians 75, Scrappy Hour 64

7 p.m. - Chuck Taylors (3-5) vs Game Time (4-4)

The Chuck Taylors have not won consecutive games yet this season, but they are still a dangerous team to play due to Mark Payne. After leading the league in almost every statistical category, Payne will have another big game as he faces elimination. Dan Barber (pictured above) has been a key player that can make a difference with his sweet shooting stroke.

Game Time is coming off a frustrating loss to The Expansions, but they still have plenty of skill to run the table. Tyler Alexander will have his hands full with Payne, so look for Zack Jacobs to be the leading scorer. I predict Game Time will also have a big game from their perimeter shooters Juan Soto and Scott Haskins, who will pour in 15 points each.

Prediction: Game Time 68, Chuck Taylors 62

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