The Incredible Basketball Players Don't Look Incredible

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SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 5 Power Rankings 

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

What’s up Scotty! We have extra long league nights for the next few weeks due to some renovating going on in the gym. Lets get into the Week 5 power rankings. 

1. Showtime (4-1)

Despite having their worst game of the season last week, they still top the power rankings. This week I’m assuming Bjorn Melander will be back in the lineup to help on the offensive rebounding. 

2. All Bizness (3-1)

Definitely one of my favorite teams in the league, All Bizness takes care of the bizness on the defensive end, as they’re first in the league in points allowed by 6.1 points. Leading the way is Most Improved Candidate Tristan Patrick with 25 PPG. 

3. Pup ’N Suds (3-2)

Led the way by Jack Mazanec who is leading the league in rebounds and is third in the league with 28 PPG. PNS might be my sleeper favorite for the playoffs as they really don’t have a weak option on the team. Im interested to see how they’ll end the season. 

4. James Meng Talent Agency (2-3)

A dominant win last week over the top team in the league by 27 points. Danny Dziedzic was on fire, shooting almost 50 percent from deep and adding 10 rebounds and 10 assists, while Cristian Rodriguez backed him up by shooting 67 percent from the field and grabbing 14 rebounds as well. 

5. Views from the Swish (2-2)

Winning their second game of the season, VFTS unfortunately has lost Jacob Langmeier after his best game of the season last week. Still up in the air on whether its a one game thing or a season ending injury. Role players will definitely have to step it up, especially on the defensive end. Winning this game this week would be a huge confidence boost to the squad.

6. The Incredible Basketball Players (1-3)

Coming back from a weeks hiatus, Nick Guerrieri went off for 27 points, 6 assists, and 7 rebounds. Big man Arthur Martinet also went off and had an easy 29 and 12. They were definitely missing Derek James last week, so lets hope he shows up and sparks some life into the team. 

7. The Muppets (1-4)

Last in points scored, and last in assists is always a yikes. Brayden Quakenbush and Steve Terry are responsible for 48.5 points of their 70 PPG. They need some help on the offensive end, otherwise they’ll be stuck with one win on the season.