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WESTWOOD: Week 5 Power Rankings

By David Jordan | Westwood Media Associate

Last week I wrote about Posterized and their surprisingly lackluster season thus far. I was sure the call out would cause them to respond with a big performance. Well, Rodney did come to play, but even against a "Stephless" Ea$y Money team, it just wasn’t enough. It got me thinking, this may be one of the most talented teams we’ve seen to go winless in WWD. With three weeks left in the regular season, Posterized chances at a perfectly imperfect season are real. Is Posterized the Westwood version of “Jackson Heights Own, Randy Watson?” . We’re about to find out! Let’s check out this week’s rankings.    

1. Ea$y Money (4-0) Last Weeks Ranking - 1

Another week, another win for Ea$y Money. This game wasn’t pretty in the least bit, as the team shot 27 percent from the field. But a win is a win, and Ea$y Money improves to 4-0. Stephon Prescod (19 points, 19 rebounds) and Mario Payne (12 points, 9 rebounds) brought the win home.

2. Legacy (3-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 3

Legacy improved to 3-1 on the season behind a stellar performance from UH rookie Shaquan Jones. Jones (27 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 steals) was instrumental in the blowout win over All Style. Not too far behind him was Ty McCray (15 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists). This was a great team performance in which every player who took the court scored and contributed.  

3. Ballaz Club  (2-2) Last Week’s Ranking - 4

Chris McLaughlin (20 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists) was up to his old ways as he nearly triple-doubled in last week’s win over Beast Mode. The 30-point win was the team's second straight after starting the season 0-2. If they can get hot again, they will be dangerous, as they have a different piece that could beat you on any given night.

4. Ruff Ryders (3-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 2

Every now and then teams have a game that you just chalk up to a bad night. This was one of those nights for the Ruff Ryders. Carlos Bermudez-Glean (20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists) was the teams high scorer. Shooting was RUFF for the entire team, as they shot 27 percent from the field collectively. They’ll bounce back, but for now they slide down a couple of spots. .

5. Spartans (1-3) Last Week’s Ranking - 8

Can I call it, or can I call it?! It didn’t happen the way I thought it would, but the upset still happened! The Spartans defeated the Ruff Ryders 48-44 to earn their first win of the season. It wasn’t pretty at all for either team, as both teams shot poorly, but in the end, Marquis Ensley (18 points) and Adam Quinlan (12 points, 20 rebounds) helped lead their team to a victory.

6. All Style (1-3) Last Week’s Ranking - 7

For the better part of the season I’ve given All Style the benefit of the doubt. They have a talented roster, but they have to show up. Unfortunately, what they have on paper can’t factor into their gameplay and rankings. After taking the L last week against Legacy, All Style drops to sixth in this week’s power ranking. Rennie Cato (20 points, 6 rebounds) was the standout player for the team. 

7. Beast Mode (2-2) Last Week’s Ranking - 5

Beast Mode scored just 32 points for the second time this season. After another terrible performance, the only thing keeping them out of the last spot is their current record. With one true win on the season, the team needs to rally around Jean Romulus (16 points, 6 rebounds) and find a way to piece wins together as a team.

8. Posterized (0-4) Last Week’s Ranking - 7

Posterized team slogan for the season has to be “good and terrible”, as that’s exactly what they’ve been. The team just can’t find their way to the win column. On the bright side,  Rodney Lemite (32 points, 13 rebounds) responded to last week’s criticism in a big way, and seems to have found his mojo. Hopefully once Jimmie returns, they can turn things around.

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