The Walking Dead and Shooting Stars Try and Keep it Going


SYOSSET: Week 5 Predictions

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


Ballerz (2-1) vs Let’s Do This Again (2-2)

Adam Sutton and Let’s Do This Again have lost two straight games and they don’t want to make it three in a row. They will take on a shorthanded Ballerz team that will be without team captain Mike Seff. Seff is the team’s leading scorer and without him the Ballerz will have to lean on Cedric Wallace a lot more. Wallace will be by far the biggest guy on the court in this game and if he can rebound the ball well to control the game the Ballerz will be able to stick around and have a chance.

What the Ballerz can’t do is allow Let’s Do This Again to get out and run for easy transition points and open threes. They are a great team in transition with Sutton hitting that mid-range jumper. In the end I think Sutton and the team get back on track against the Ballerz this week.

PICK: Let’s Do This Again

Walking Dead (1-3) vs Shooting Stars (1-3)

Both teams enter this game coming off of huge wins in week four and look ready to take the next step. They will face off this week as both try and get out of a tie for last place. The matchup to watch in this game is Tom Dimicelli and Alain Wehder. Both are tops in the league in scoring with Dimicelli averaging 28 per game and Wehder scoring 25 per game. They should have a great one-on-one matchup scoring the ball. Both teams are just starting to play better and this game could really go either way. I think it will come down to the final few minutes and whoever can hit the big shot will win this game.

PICK: Walking Dead

Hooligans (3-1) vs Dream Team (2-1)

The Hooligans are coming off a tough loss to the Walking Dead and will be looking to get back on track. They were on cruise control until the second half last week when they just hit a wall and couldn’t score the ball or stop the Walking Dead. Now they take on a good Dream Team who has a very good duo with Chris Albano and Mike Venuti. They also have the size to bother Jay Harris in the paint with Q or Albano.

On paper it’s not the best matchup for the Hooligans. The key to this game is for the Dream Team to come ready to play because the Hooligans do not lose back to back games all too often and Harris will have the Hooligans ready to go. I expect a big game from Stephen Sombrotto in this one on both sides of the ball defending either Albano or Venuti.

PICK: Hooligans

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