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GILBERT DRAFT: Week 6 Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

With tonight’s matchups, our third set of games in just eight days, we won’t see radical changes this week, but let’s see if we can ruffle some feathers anyway.

1. Drip Too Hard (5-0)

With the top two players in PPR (Christian, Darycke), the top point differential (22.4, 9 points higher than the second-place team, Full Court Pressure), AND an undefeated 5-0 start, there’s little reason to look away from these guys at No. 1.

2. Full Court Pressure (4-1)

Deep and unselfish, the FCP core just plain executes, playing lockdown defense (75 Points Against, first in Gilbert by far, major credit due to defensive anchor Chris Allen) and running the offense through deadly guards Terrill Clayburne and Seth Wampler.

3. Road Runners (3-2)

Not sold on their defensive presence yet (seventh out of eight in points against), but Tae Fox and the fellas (Marlon Burnett specifically) can definitely fill it up on offense, as Fox and Marlon, the top two scorers league-wide average over 80 points combined. Shoutout to Gary Kilcup, cleaning up nearly every miss imaginable along the way.

4. D4G (2-3)

Up and down season for these guys, but given they just gutted out victory Sunday in spite of two top players (Erick Booker, JP Price) on the back end of Vet/Draft double-header, they get the gut-check tie-breaker this week.

5. Terror Squad (2-3)

Still think these guys are legit contenders with all pieces present, as really no one has shown signs of stopping midrange deity Monte Jones or NY’s finest Calvin Logins Sr, and no one’s running with Marcus Fort or getting up with Ray Estrella, but they need all hands on deck (only one game with a proper starting five and bench thus far) to get the run officially started.

6. The Chris Walkers (1-4)

Pains me to put them low, and Richard Waldron and company are really only here and not lower due to the name (still killing it there).  Let’s get it right fellas!

7. Generation Z (2-3)   

On a two-game losing streak and with juggernaut Drip Too Hard still on the way, GenZ has work cut out for them yet.  Still, much as I love to send heat Thomas Aranda’s way, I’m a believer he and the young fellas can get it back together yet.

8. Bombers (1-4)

The tale of two teams, Bombers have taken an absolute beating in four games, yet rallied abruptly and stole victory against Road Runners.  A lot of credit for that goes to newbies David Willis and potential UH star in the making Daylan Gaddis, along with much-improved team chemistry.  We’ll see which team shows up tonight.

Good luck to all and we’ll see you all tonight!

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