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WESTCHESTER: Week 4 Predictions

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator


Shake & Bake (2-1) vs Massa Coastal (3-0)

The game of the season in my opinion. If both teams are healthy this one could be seriously high scoring. With four of the league’s top 10 performers playing in this one, I don’t know what will happen. I think the role players will play a huge part in making sure to finish the plays they are given. This one will be a toss up.

’98 Knicks (0-3) vs ManDown (1-2)

With one of ManDown’s top performers injured they are looking really small for the rest of the season. Cody Martin and Tunde Ogunleye will have to take an even bigger part of this offense and will lean on Virgillio Torres to pick things up on the defensive end. ’98 Knicks on the other hand can’t seem to get out of their own way. With just terrible close game losses, they struggle to keep up with other teams. They have some serious weapons though, but have yet to use them properly. This one will be close, but I would give the slight advantage to ManDown.

Illmatic (1-2) vs  Mazzacone Drainer’s (2-1)

A very well diverse matchup both teams having seasoned vets as well as newcomers who are playing very well, this one will be exciting. Illmatic will lean on Kevin Clampet a lot this week because with his size and strength there isn’t much Mazzacone could do. As for the Drainer’s, they will have to move the ball around a bit more and try not to be stagnant on offense. Illmatic by double digits.