Doubleheader Wednesday


SUMMERLIN DRAFT:  Week 3 Predictions

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate


6:30 p.m. - Las Vegas RatPack (2-0) vs. Las Vegas Dealers (1-1)

The RatPack look like the team to beat early in the season and I would imagine they will be ready to go this week after the Halloween bye.  The Dealers are 1-1 and they know that this week is huge for them to make a move in the rankings.  The RatPack are loaded on offense with Bobby Mears, Nathaniel Burgess, and the super efficient Bohao Li.  The Ratpack are averaging 91.5 PPG and only giving up 58 PPG which both are tops in the league.  They will be facing a Dealers team that is led by Brock Berglund, Bryan Lebo, and Ryan Geurts.  They are second in defense and if they want to knock off the RatPack they will have to find a way to stop the Bobby Mears show. 

I am guessing the Dealers will attempt to slow down the pace and look to take the RatPack out of their comfort zone.  If Geurts can get hot from deep and if Berglund can own the paint I think they will have a legit shot.  However I think the RatPack have way too much firepower and I fully expect Mears, Li, and Burgess to get what they want.  RatPack move to 3-0 in a rout.

Prediction: Las Vegas RatPack- 87, Las Vegas Dealers- 68


6:30 p.m. - Las Vegas Sin (1-1) vs. Las Vegas Bones (0-2)

The question in this one will be who is going to stop John Lazosky?  Lazo comes in averaging 48 PPG and 10 boards.   Grant Lewis and Max Miller-Hooks IV are going to have their hands full with the big man.  The Sin looked rather impressive a few weeks ago, as Lazo and Marcus Milner really seemed to be on the same page.  I am expecting a full dose of Lazo tomorrow night and I am afraid the Bones will have no answer. 

The Bones are off to a dreadful start this season at 0-2.  They need Max Miller-Hooks to be in attendance and need him to lead the charge if they want to have any chance in this one.  I don’t think the Bones will have any answer for Lazo and look for another 40-point performance out of him this week.  The Sin moves to 2-1 with an easy win over the Bones.

Prediction: Las Vegas Sin- 77, Las Vegas Bones- 63


7:45 P.M. - Las Vegas RatPack (2-0) vs. Las Vegas Sin (1-1)

The teams this week are playing a doubleheader due to last week’s bye for Halloween.  This game will have huge implications on the race for the No. 1 seed.  If the RatPack win both games this week they will be sitting at 4-0 and be two games clear of the No. 2 position.  If the Sin can go 2-0 this week they will be in a first place tie.  A lot at stake in this one for sure.  It will come down to attendance and what players are prepared to play back to back. 

The RatPack has a ton of firepower with Bobby Mears, Nathaniel Burgess, Bohao Li, and Anthony Khotsikian.  They will have plenty of bodies to throw at Big Lazo and I think they have the better team.  The Sin will need Lazo to play close to 88 minutes back to back.  I think Lazo is a machine on offense but asking him to play that many minutes tomorrow will be tough on him.  The Sin will need big time shooting performances out of Marcus and Barrington Milner in this game to take some of the load off Lazo.  If the Sin does not find away to help Lazo they will struggle in this win.  I like the RatPack to out last the Sin and Bobby Mears stakes his claim to the MVP in this one.

Prediction: Las Vegas RatPack-95, Las Vegas Sin- 69


7:45 p.m. - Las Vegas Dealers (1-1) vs. Las Vegas Bones (0-2)

The Bones need to come away with a 1-1 split this week if they want to make any move this season.  So far my pick to win it all this season has been a disappointment and I cannot stress how important top draft pick Max Miller Hooks is to the Bones.  If he plays and does what he does then I fully believe the Bones still have a legit shot.  

The Bones need to figure out how to score, they are only averaging 55.5 PPG and if that doesn’t improve I am afraid they may go winless this season.  The Dealers I had as my No. 4 team to start the season and so far they have surprised me.  The combination of Brock Berglund and Bryan Lebo has been very effective and this team is playing some very good team defense only giving up 68.5 PPG.  I think that defense will lead them to a victory over the Bones and keep the Dealers right in the thick of things for the No. 2 seed.

Prediction: Las Vegas Dealers- 77, Las Vegas Bones- 69