Can #LOYALTY get Back on Track?

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SAN ANTONIO: Week 5 Predictions

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

7:15 p.m. - Pain (0-3) vs Ether (3-0)

An undefeated team in Ether, takes on a desperate Pain looking for their first win. Pain definitely has more at stake here, but Ether is looking to go 4-0. 

The Fall hasn’t been kind to Pain yet. They were thrown into the fire in Week 1 against a hot #LOYALTY squad, their top pick was injured in a very winnable game against Sicko Mode in Week 3, and they’ve had to forfeit to Hit Em’ Up in Week 4. They should be good to go in Week 5, however they’ve got the streaking Ether to contend with. Ether’s Jayquan Anderson has been unstoppable all season, which will be a tough assignment for Joe Snyder, and Ether’s length isn’t helping their case either. They’ll need a signature “hot shooting” night from both Josh Linson and Chris Molina, and “above average” contributions from everybody else if they want to have a chance…such a tall order.

Ether is easily favored here, and they probably know it. They’ve been great defensively all season, and great in transition. Their playing the best ball out of anybody so far, clearly, and they seem to have a surprise performance from a different player each week. If they weren’t tough to scout already, these surprise performances make it even more difficult. 

Prediction: Ether stays undefeated

8:15 p.m. - Sicko Mode (1-2) vs Hit Em’ Up (2-1)

Hit Em’ Up might be in a bind attendance-wise, which is just the advantage Sicko Mode might need to secure another win.

Hit Em Up has taken a big blow as their high-octane point guard Devin Moore is officially calling it quits for the rest of the season. Not to mention the loss of Carlos Villamil, and the spotty attendance of team captain Paul Segreto, and this eight-man roster is suddenly down to five. If the rumors are true, of the midseason signing of Jared Thompson, he would provide a much needed boost. Hopefully he’ll pass his physical and be available for Wednesday. If not, HEU could be in for a long night. 

Sicko Mode made a game against Bigger Than You last week despite not having either of their top two draft picks available. They played well together, and even with all their little mistakes, they were in striking distance all game long. If they could put a game like that together with everybody in attendance, they’d have a much better record. Will they do it this week?

Prediction: Sicko Mode gets a win, as they take advantage of a short-handed Hit Em Up. 

9:15 p.m. - Bigger Than You (1-3) vs #LOYALTY (2-2)

#LOYALTY can only shake their heads as they’ve watched their ranking drop, for two weeks in a row now, while Bigger Than You would like to ride the momentum of their first win into Week 5. 

LOYALTY picked a hell of a week to show up shorthanded as they dropped a big one to the rising Reasonable Doubt. Though they probably didn’t have the biggest expectations with only five guys, they’re not ones to make excuses. They’ll need to make a big push to grab a win this week, with or without a full team. But should they come shorthanded again, they might be looking at another loss. They know what they’re capable of, but they’ll need to remind the rest of the league again.

Bigger Than You looked happy to get a win last week, but they shouldn’t ride that wave for too long, as they still need to rack up some more wins to be taken seriously. This should be fun as we have a few rivals on both squads, as last season’s Finals participants are sprinkled throughout these two teams. They’ll definitely need big games from Justin Brickman and Chris Johnson, and a surprise outing from TJ Telfare won’t hurt either. Also, it’d probably be nice to have Kai Johnson out there as well, even with one knee. 

Prediction:  LOYALTY makes a statement and secures the win.