Massa Coastal Continues their Dominance


WESTCHESTER: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator

1. Massa Coastal (3-0)

The only undefeated team still left, Massa has the most gifted offensive roster in the league. Garfield Johns and Mike Coburn have dominated and are always superstars. They seem to just try and outscore everyone in the league. Playing defense is not their strong suit and I don’t think they mind.  I don’t think they have an intention of dropping off from this spot.

2. Shake & Bake (2-1)

Antione Johnson and Dave Capers are two of the savviest veterans we have in this league and they are trying to prove father time wrong by winning this thing again this season. If they can rally their troops they will be in the running to win this thing.

3. Mazzacone Drainers (2-1)

Mazzacone won last week on the shoulders of their young star Trevor Mooney. He had a monster game and seems to be automatic against everyone, no matter who plays defense on him. If they keep that up all season they will turn a few heads. Don’t look for them to be on the calendar come finals, but you never know what will happen.

4. Illmatic (1-2)

A close one last week had Illmatic on the losing end of the score board. Even though they are one tough group of guys they still seem to have issues closing out games.  They have the size down low. They just need to work it inside and out power their opponent.

5. ManDown (1-2)

Two losses in a row, things are not looking good for ManDown this season. They were missing their top performer, Tunde Ogunleye, and with Justin Moxey officially out for the season due to injury they were a little light last week. They are out to take down their next match up and hopefully have most of their guys back.

6. ’98 Knicks (0-3)

A really slow start this season for these ’98 Knicks. Even with their top two players there they came up short. I am chalking this up to bad luck for now, but hopefully they can get out of this slump. No reason for a team this talented to be 0-3. Boo Burford will do everything he can to get this team back on track and in the winner's circle.