The Better the Matchups, the Better the Ball

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WESTMINSTER: Week 3 Predictions

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

Under Dogs (0-2) vs The Hoopers (0-2)

This is a good chance this might be the best matchup for each other with the Under Dogs vs The Hoopers as both teams have huge roster holes. The Hoopers  look better off only missing D.j but the word on the street is Umar might be out after being the teams lead scorer. That is a great sign for the Under Dogs as they are still trying to find one more guy for the bench.

Now lets get to who is going to be there. I know Chris Ellis and Rammy know when they are short handed they need to step up so look for both guys on The Hoopers. Danny Gettridge, Rodney Anderson, and Victor have to be the ones to knock down shots. Rodney is the teams lead scorer but the other two need to reach double digits.

Prediction: Who ever gets out early is going to win this game, I have a feeling it's The Under Dogs night. Under Dogs by 5.

Impact Basketball (2-0) vs Long Shots (0-1)

Long Shots are coming off a lose to MGTOW and Impact is coming off a win in a marathon of a game with Fire Squad. Impact is the No. 1 scoring team in the league and the Long Shots can hang believe it or not they led the league last season. It’s really going to come down to the D. Andre Hines last week had 3 blocks that looked liked Drew Stanton home runs. Back back back gone!

Imran Sufi is another guy on Impact that stacks the stats with steals so they can lock it down. Long Shots are going to need to ride Derek Elliot and hope either Griffin Yopp or Brad Elliot are hitting shots to keep pace. Also Long Shots may want to run I know Impact will be short a guy due to Warren Lindberg. Beau Barney may need to reach out and grab someone off the old roster. 

Prediction: If Impact finds a sixth man they should have it in the bag. If Impact brings five that keeps Long Shots chances alive. Impact by 6

Bucket Getterz (1-1) vs Hand Down...Man Down (0-1)

This is one of those battles between Hand Down...Man Down vs Bucket Getterz that we may see great hoops. Both teams are equally matched up with Bucket Getterz edging out H.D.M.D because they got more guys. Jarrett Green and Myron will be Bucket Getterz head horses. Hand Down...Man Down will need to keep their eyes on them. Plus if Daniel Prieto is going it could be a nightmare.

Nader Nizam and Matt Rice will need to be on their A game as most the Offense will come from them. Based off last week I will need to play better if Hand Down has any chance. Pace will play a factor in this game as both teams match up well but who has the wheels for 44 minutes.

Prediction: If Bucket Getterz get up early it might be a long night H.D.M.D. If its close Hand Down wins. Bucket Getterz by 9

Oh Boy (2-0) vs Tha Crew (1-1)

This has a chance to be the game of the night with Tha Crew taking on Oh Boy in "The battle of boys" as a lot of guys from both teams hoop in other gyms in the area. Honestly Aaron and I battled Tha Crew all morning Saturday at Westy Rec lol. Plus The Crew bounced Oh Boy twice in three weeks last season. Costing Oh Boy the seed for playoffs and then sending them home in the playoffs.

With Eric Belsar back in action and Vince Rogers taking control of team Oh Boy, they may have the parts they need to get the win. Both times out Oh Boy only had five and Tha Crew just breaking away at the end. Matchups should be fun to watch as a lot of guys have the scouting report on each other. The point guards are key in this one; Vince for Oh Boy and Duval for Tha Crew.

Prediction: This might be the first coin flip of the season the spread is in the single digits with this one. Oh Boy by 5.

Fire Squad Elite (1-1) vs MGTOW (2-0)

Last match and the main card of the night is MGTOW vs Fire Squad Elite, the No. 2 vs the No. 4 by my power rankings. A lot on the line, either MGTOW goes up three games in the league or Fire Squad Elite is suffering their first ever back-to-back losses in a season. Omar Juarez and Tyler Converse will probably have to play both ways, meaning score and defend somebody good on the other side. Like Jaden Courage or Tay White which will probably have to do the same in slowing those two down.

The big match up will be down low with Marvin Augustin and Zach both guys average a double-double in their UH careers, and both are physical as well. MGTOW averages more points per game but Fire Squad can bring those flames. Let's see who wants it more.

Predictions: MGTOW is nice right now but there is no way I am going against Fire Squad losing two straight. Its like betting against Tom Brady. Fire Squad by 10.