Saggy Jammers Continue to Build Separation


DALLAS: Week 4 Predictions

By Travis Hill | Dallas Media Associate


6:30 P.M. - The Morning Crew (0-2) v Saggy Jammers (3-0)

The Morning Crew face their toughest match up of this young season this week, taking on one of the most established teams in the league.  The Saggy Jammers are off to a red hot start, and there is no reason to expect that it won’t continue into their Week 4 match up.  Look for the Jammers to be in complete control of this contest for all 44 minutes.

Prediction: Saggy Jammers 87, The Morning Crew 62


7:30 P.M. - The Shockers (1-2) v Free Agents (0-2)

The Shockers have all the weapons to make this a very lopsided outcome; however, they have struggled to find their groove this season.  Meanwhile, the Free Agents are a team looking for any semblance of stability.  This match up will be exactly what the Shockers need to get them out of their slump and back on the right track.

Prediction: The Shockers 71, Free Agents 57


8:30 P.M. - Side Hustle (1-2) v Back Yard All-Stars (2-1)

A tale of two halves: the weekly in-game narrative of Side Hustle. If they can put together two good halves, they can run with any team in the league and come out on top.  However, BYA is known for putting together defensive schemes that take their opponents out of what they want to do.  In 44 minutes of game action, this match up favors BYA.

Prediction: Back Yard All-Stars 87, Side Hustle 80


9:30 P.M. - Scoregasms (2-1) v Dem Boyz (2-1)

The night cap game offers the most intriguing match up of the evening. Two evenly matched teams who often have games that come down to the wire when they play head-to-head.  With both the Scoregasms and Dem Boyz coming into the game at 2-1, this game is very much a jockeying for position in both the standings and the rankings.  Look for recent history to repeat itself, with Dem Boyz narrowly escaping with a victory.

Prediction: Dem Boyz 88, Scoregasms 85

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