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TEMPE OPEN: Week 5 Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

It’s Week 5 in Tempe, and surprisingly little has changed since the last Power Rankings, making this writer look more or less like a basketball Nostradamus.  Let’s take a peek anyhow & take a few potshots along the way:

1. Fine Wine (4-0)

A mere No. 3 in Margin of Victory, three of FW’s four victories have come by a mere 2, 3, and, again, 2 points, with the legends looking legitimately containable if not officially proven beatable.  One thing we’ve seen this season (last week especially) that we haven’t in 50ish games prior is Alex Scales actually breaking a sweat, something few on the planet are ready for and the biggest reason the legends are still undefeated.  They’ll get another test this week from PB&J.

2. X-Over (2-1)

Attendance has gotten a little suspect of late, but with a 19 point average MOV (by far the highest in the league), Chris Fisher & company get the edge over a similarly potent Show Me Dem Bibbys.  Look for Dewayne Pettus and the most washed man in America Lavione West to come ready to play in a key battle this week.

3. Show Me Dem Bibbys (2-1)

Winning games by slightly less than XO, SMDB’s are otherwise pretty evenly matched, with a frontcourt full of athletes including track phenom Justin Chambers and former NFL WR Ellis Krout complementing the elite backcourt combo of 4-time MVP Christian Bower and current PPR leader Juice Hedrick.  Sleeper status: Simon Kubrom.

4. Shut Up & Play (2-2)

Donald Didlake’s rebranding (though they still rock Game Over jerseys) seems to be working, as GO has really turned things up of late and is playing like a contender.  Only one game has really been out of hand (X-Over, 29 point L), and they’re really humming on all cylinders now.  Lionel Pehoua is even promising rival big Steve Bertrand trouble the next time they play.

5. Peanut Butter & Jelly (1-3)

One of the more solid 1-3 teams you’ll find in a league, Donte Medder & Johnathan Parker are as tough of a backcourt combo as you’ll find, even in this league, and Terry Riley is low-key promising a 20 & 20 game soon.  Only chemistry and maybe depth are holding defending champs PB&J back from moving up the ranks.

6. Dyknicksty (0-4)

Flashes of potential creep in for these guys, but games keep finding a way to get ugly.  They have a long, active front court (PS James Holmes: still waiting for a proper mash out), but a point guard or pure shooter could go a long way toward giving these guys some direction.  We’ll see if that comes their way.

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