Redemption Week


AJAX: Week 4 Predictions

By Chad Hines | Ajax League Coordinator

8:30 p.m. – Sounders FS vs. No Flex Zone

This week is this young season’s redemption week because it is a rematch of the Week 1 matchups. The No Flex Zone still have a salty taste in their mouth from their Fall Season debut loss to the Sounders. If tonight is anything like Week 1, then this evening will be a match of banging bigs, slow pace, and grind it out defense.

NFZ will need to find an answer for Jovan Bailey, who has been stuffing the stat sheet in just about every category, and the Sounders will need an answer for Justin Lindo, who always sets the tone for every NFZ game. If No Flex Zone can pull off a win tonight, they will have the same record as Sounders and will sit at 3-1. On the flipside, Sounders can further cement their quick start to the season and keep the unblemished record clean of anything that sits in the L column and move to 4-0 with a win.

Chad Hines is betting on the NFZ to come up with their third win in a row in what will be again a very close contested game.


9:30 p.m. – Triple Threat vs. OG’s

OG’s have an opportunity to rectify their first week second half blowout dealt by the prolific Team Triple Threat. OG’s were competing and working hard in that first week matchup, but everything fell apart in the second half as Triple Threat began to knock down just about every single 3-point they hoisted up. Look for the OG’s to have a little extra pep in their step tonight as they try and get that first win of the season.

Triple Threat, on the other hand, haven’t won a game since this matchup in Week 1, and they will be looking to use the OG’s as that extra bit of motivation to get them back to their winning ways. This game is going to be fast paced, high scoring, and a lot of 3-point shots. George Palman and Okeen James remain the catalysts for OG’s and you already know you’re going to get high volume from the young Roger James Jr. who puts up a lot of shots but makes a lot as well.

Chad Hines is predicting that the OG’s will come out of this matchup with their first win of the season.

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