West Side Connected will Fall to Keepin' It A Bean Once Again


TEMPE DRAFT: Week 5 Predictions

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

The league has become split down the middle with four teams with 3-plus wins, and the other three with one win or less.  Only one of the matchups tonight features a pair of the teams in that winning half, so there’s some potential for bigger point spreads aka big stat lines.  Make sure you keep an eye out for this week’s player of the week ballot to see who shined.   

8 p.m. - Slice ‘N Dice vs Not Going

Slice ‘N Dice hasn’t looked great, although Joe Morris did appear to help a little last week.  I like the matchups for Not Going, their three-headed attack on offense should be enough to pull ahead.  Especially with that top-ranked defense.  

Prediction: Not Going by 9

8 p.m. - FndF vs Keepin’ it a Bean

I’m not even sure if FndF has five players at the moment.  Even with all their players they didn’t impress.  These two played in Week 2 and it turned out as a 20-point win for KiaB.  My brain is telling me not much will change on the scoreboard.  

Prediction:  Keepin’ it a Bean by 14

9 p.m. - Keepin’ it a Bean vs West Side Connected 

West Side Connected hasn’t lost since Week 3…when they played KiaB.  In that previous matchup, KiaB was without the floor spacing created by Juan Gonzalez.  History repeats itself tonight and KiaB gets their second win of the night.

Prediction:  Keepin’ it a Bean by 8

9 p.m. - Divine Intervention vs Shooting Slumps

Divine Intervention has solidified their spot at No. 2 in the league, with slimmed down Lionel Pehoua playing like a young Shaq (32 points, 18 rebounds, 3 blocks).  Shooting Slumps with a very millennial first in points, last in points allowed, this team has to defend if they’re going to win.  Whichever team controls the pace should win this one and I think Lionel has shown he’s capable of managing the game from the post.  

Prediction:  Divine Intervention by 5

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