No. 1 vs No. 2 Highlight Week 5

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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 5 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Houdini (3-1) vs. The Industry (4-0)

Hands down this is the game of the week as the top-ranked The Industry will battle it out against Houdini in what's been an anticipated game. It's going to be neat to see potentially Houdini's Charlie Farber and The Industry' Terry Cress to contain each other. I'm pretty sure that The Industry's Marciano Brunette will suit up in this one as he was absent last game. If he does, he'll have his hands full in trying to stop Josh Rollans. I want to see Rollans play the majority of the game as he'll be a big presence in this one.

Watch out for The Industry's Derek Adkins to draw some fouls and get to the charity stripe quite often. If The Industry's Andreas Vasiliu suits up, he'll be a key difference-maker, especially on defense. Houdini's Cory Argubright and Daniel Bower had superb performances last week and if they can repeat their performances this time around, look at because it could be all Houdini. The Industry knows how to win clutch games and if they have their normal players in attendance, I can totally see them winning this one. If not, then perhaps Houdini will shine for the win.

Prediction: Houdini +3

Lifetime Lakers (2-2) vs. TD Rayguns (3-1)

Now the TD Rayguns are cooking as they'll face the Lifetime Lakers in what will see a plethora of shots being attempted. We'll see both teams run in transition like crazy and perhaps a lot of fouls too. I really want to see the Lakers' Shawn Monegan and Austin Welch go back and forth scoring as well as Mellor getting the Lakers moving in transition.

Watch out for Joe Paulk to attempt a lot of 3s and GM Dominic Pedotto to grab sneaky rebounds. Joshua Watson is a fluid player for the TD Rayguns and will take smart shots throughout this game. Let's see if Oliver Erickson can shoot for accuracy in this one as he somewhat struggled in his previous outing. I really like what the TD Rayguns bring to the table in this matchup and they'll edge out the Lakers.

Prediction: TD Rayguns -5.5

Diplomats (2-2) vs. RudeDogs (4-0)

This will be a tough one for the Diplomats as they'll face the red-hot RudeDogs. Who will have the task of trying to stop the RudeDogs' Khalid Cannon? Will it be Andrew Power? Hopefully, because he's really the only big-man that the Diplomats have, but he hasn't played lately. Patrick Guerrero may have the responsibility of guarding Cannon in the paint.

Let's see how many treys the Diplomats' Johnston Daniels will attempt and he needs to drill them down or else the Diplomats may be in trouble. Now that the RudeDogs have Vernon Clemens on board, he may put up 25-30 points. The RudeDogs have so many weapons and it's not even going to be a close game.

Prediction: RudeDogs -17.5

Artsakh (1-3) vs. Dyme Pieces (2-2)

Haroutuin Massoyan and Artsakh will face Nick Lombardo's Dyme Pieces win what could be a high-scoring game, for one team. The Dyme Pieces are coming off their second straight loss and can't afford to lose two straight. In order for Artsakh to pull off the upset, they must slow down the tempo of the game and draw some fouls.

Another big thing they need to do is stop guys like Tom Gibson and Dylan Hansel from downtown. I know that the Dyme Pieces will have no problem at all winning this one, especially when you have a dangerous weapon in Marvin Campbell and a beast in Zach Dean.

Prediction: Dyme Pieces -20

Wynners (2-2) vs. Sweet "D" (1-3)

This is going to be a fast-paced game as Nick Guidice and the Wynners will face Dylan Ellis Sweet "D". Everyone already knows that the main guy to stop on the Wynners every game is Nick Guidice, as he drills shot after shot all the time. One key matchup that will be interesting to look out for is the Wynners' Brenton Van and Sweet "D"'s Cody Howard (or Kenny Oakley if Howard doesn't suit up).

Watch out for Dylan Ellis to explode in transition and fight for the loose ball. David Farris will also be a key player to try and stop Guidice from scoring and I know he'll be up for the challenge. Based off of the Wynners' performance last week against the Dyme Pieces, I have to give the edge to the Wynners.  

Prediction: Wynners -9

SUNZ (0-4) vs. Free Agents (0-4)

This will be the second and final week of the season where we see two winless teams squaring off as the SUNZ will be face the Free Agents for the first time this season. Just like last week with the Free Agents and Artsakh, this has the making of being a close game. My matchup to watch out for is the Free Agents Craig Sutter and the SUNZ's Blake White. Both will challenge each other all game long and be leaders for their respective teams for sure.

I don't know why half of the SUNZ haven't really played this season as according to their roster, they have 10 players. Watch out for Cris Cockrell to grab a lot of boards and for the Free Agents Joseph Roselle to chuck down some clutch shots. This is a tough to pick, but I'll give the edge to the SUNZ.

Prediction: SUNZ -5