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METROWEST DRAFT: Week 5 Power Rankings

By Taylor Pettiford | Metrowest League Coordinator

For the first time this season, Buckets Galore is NOT on top of our power rankings. Despite improving to 4-0, the reigning champs have been unseated atop our rankings and standings. Check out our power rankings below to see who’s our new number one and a breakdown of the rest of our Metrowest field.


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock so far this season, Classic Barbershop is BACK. The three-time championship organization has been in a drought since the fall of 2017, but this is undoubtedly their best team since – and maybe best team yet. And no, this is not a knee-jerk reaction to their 28-point win over the Warriors last week. And it’s not a premature assessment of their trajectory with Jimmie Melton taking Raynaldi Voyard’s place on the roster.

It’s a realistic ranking based on the fact that no team in Metrowest can run with Jay Resto, Patrick Luckett, Keyon Armstrong and Melton. Are they unbeatable? Absolutely not. But it’s going to take perfect execution and a ton of stamina to do it.

2. BUCKETS GALORE | 4-0 (1)

Seldom do we see an undefeated team fresh off a win against a top three opponent drop in the power rankings or not be in the top spot. But that’s exactly what we find in this week’s Metrowest Power Rankings. Don’t get us wrong, Buckets Galore is still the most imposing team on paper in all of UH Boston. And they haven’t played bad. But they have played a bit uninspired. Especially in Week 4, where not only were the out-rebounded by a much smaller Rebels, but they narrowly escaped with a one-point win despite the Rebels missing their starting PG – a 20 ppg scorer.

Individually, Yemi Ajao, Roland Millien and Jude Valmeus have each shown flashes of their greatness, but seldom in tandem. And their offense has been a bit predictable with Ajao, Valmeus and Millien accounting for 70 percent of the shot attempts while sharpshooting Josh Gates has only put up 7 FGAs per game since Week 1. They still might be the best team in Metrowest, but if they don’t spread the ball around and play with more passion, there won’t be a repeat.

3. REBELS | 2-2

Heartbreak City. Following a buzzer-beating loss in Week 3, the Rebels lost by one-point in Week 4. The second consecutive loss puts them at 2-2 on the season and in a tie (record-wise) with Black Mambas and Stampede. Though the Rebels have the tiebreaker, having beaten the two aforementioned squads, they’re in trouble should they lose any more games. Only three teams from Metrowest will receive a first-round bye and they’re currently clinging to the third spot. On the bright side, this team has proven they can play with anyone.

Their two losses come against the top two teams in the league, with a combined 4-point differential and with a key starter missing from each game. When this squad is able to send out Aaron Anniballi, Micah Duarte, Ultimate Rookie front-runner Shane Coleman, Taylor Pettiford and Tiler Balboni, watch out. And with Jordan Frazier (14 points, 4 rebounds) contributing the way he did in Week 4 off the bench, they may have some depth, as well.

4. STAMPEDE | 2-2

We told you in Week 4 that Stampede was the real deal and they continued to show and prove with a win over Hustle. Granted, Joel Katana wasn’t on the court to oppose them; but regardless, Tommy Hubbard’s (30 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists, 5 steals, 3 blocks) leadership and play have been phenomenal. With both Jasper Landrum (16 points, 6 rebounds) and Wally Callam (19 points, 5 rebounds) scoring in double figures and Stephen Dion, Niko Whitehead and Roger Hamel spreading the floor, moving the ball and improving the fastbreak, Stampede is a dark horse.


In typical Arch Mitchell (23 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists) team fashion, the Black Mambas are conservatively taking care of business with their second-straight win. Jose Roman (12 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds) and Devon Frye (23 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists) are flowing in the backcourt and keeping the ball moving while Kenny Dennis (22 points, 15 rebounds) has been a monster in the paint. While they haven’t gotten the production that they imagined out of first-rounder Kenny Seitz, any solid play they get out of him is an added bonus.

6. HUSTLE | 1-3

Hustle suffered a tough loss to Stampede in Week 4, but they fought. With Joel Katana sidelined due to injury, Hustle featured a balanced scoring attack from their starting lineup: Tomas Morales (21 points, 14 rebounds, 4 assists), Tambo Barrow (18 points, 6 rebounds), Drew Pettiford (16 points) and Jeff Raymond (15 points, 7 rebounds). The problem on the night was two-fold – the backcourt of Barrow and Pettiford was inefficient (11-36 FGs) and they turned the ball over 15 times. Until Katana comes back, the offense HAS to run through Tomas Morales and no one else. That’s their only chance of winning while the prolific scoring guard is out.


If you can find us a player who’s having fun playing on Ballaholics, we’ll give you a dollar. Nick Kineip (19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks) looks dejected, Michael Perreault (21 points, 8 assists) and Kevin Johnson (22 points, 4 assists) either have too much fire or none at all, Shawn Wise (10 points, 10 rebounds) looks uncomfortable and everyone else is tired of the inconsistency. There’s a lot of season left for Ballaholics to right the ship; but it starts in the locker room. Until they resolve their issues there, they won’t see significant improvement on the court.

8. WARRIORS | 0-4

Sam Longwell has missed half the season thus far. Octavio Cruz has missed three quarters of the season. John Iarussi is attempting six shots per game. And overall the team is second-to-last in scoring, last in points allowed and last in rebounds. Needless to say, we’re not shocked that they’re winless at the bottom of the rankings and standings.  

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