A Historical Matchup Between Dat Ain't Fair and Y-Lie


SHELBY: Week 4 Predictions

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

7 p.m. - All or Nothing vs Goblins Skillz 

Coming into Week 4, both of these teams have a tied record of (2-1), which proves how important this game is for both teams. This game could likely show a good matchup between Goblin Skillz’s Jean Uwizeye and All or Nothing’s Joseph Cromartie who have both proved to be sharp shooters from the 3-point line. With both teams looking to rise up in the power rankings, we’ll see which team can pull through and get the win. 

Prediction: Goblin Skillz 82, All or Nothing 79 

8 p.m. - Y-Lie vs Dat Ain’t Fair

We have seen these two teams battle it out for many season and the same heated competition every game. This game could be the potential match up between Y-Lie’s Anthony Muscat, and DAF’s DeMarco Paige. Both players have been a big key in scoring for each team. We will see if DAF can continue to stay undefeated, or if Y-Lie can break their streak. 

Prediction: DAF 79, Y-Lie 72 

9 p.m. - Justice League vs Balken Brother Brand

With the final game of the night, we will see Justice league play against the new team, BBB. We will get to see BBB’s big man Alfonzo Eggleson play against Justice League’s big man Shane Ellis. Both players have shown to be able to rack up rebounds for their team, but we will see if Justice League will pull through, or if BBB are able to get their first win. 

Prediction: Justice League 82, BBB 72 

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