What Surprises Does this Week Hold?

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WESTMINSTER: Week 5 Predictions

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator


7 p.m. - Fire Squad Elite (3-1) vs Long Shots (1-2)

Long Shots are in for a true test against the Fire Squad Elite. Both group of guys have battled many times with Fire Squad usually getting a win. I see Long Shots looking completely different with the addition of Tyler Kloepfer.

Before Long Shots would need to run and gun, now they have a rim protected and rebounder. They will also need to keep Derek Elliot rolling as he’s on a pace to have his highest scoring season. I will say one thing for Fire Squad, if Alfredo Garcia is still hot from last week, as he let it rip with the three ball breaking the Ultimate Hoops record for 3-pointers in a game, their output is going to be fire. This team is hot right now with new additions of Luke Kalinski  and Tyler Converse; which has given the team two more guys with wheels and handles

Predictions: Man I been on the Long Shots band wagon for the last couple weeks but I was in that game last week where Fire Squad won by 50. Fire Squad by 9

7 p.m. - The Hoopers (1-3) vs Hand Down…Man Down (0-3)

Two teams that are happy to see each other is Hand Down…Man Down amd The Hoopers. Both teams looking for a W and need one bad. Hand Down without a win and The Hoopers picked up a lay down game against the Under Dogs. I am telling you right now both teams are thinking they can win this game but there is only one.

Ramos needs to have his crew dialed in as the last couple weeks they been up and down in games. Matt Rice needs to find his shot, he is getting looks that he is able to hit. Nader Nizam needs to kick it into high gear and start scoring too. The Hoopers will lean on Rammy Alabssi as he leads them in scoring and hope Joe Vigil and Chris Ellis can carry the back end. The Matchups should be pretty equal across the board. He who is hot, will win this game.

Predictions: I got that feeling someone on Hand Down…Man Down is going to go bonkers. If the Hoopers can't stop that person it’s going to be a long night. Hand Down by 5.


8 p.m. - Bucket Getterz (3-1) vs Tha Crew (3-1)

This one is going to be the game of the night between Tha Crew vs Buckett Getterz. Tha Crew has had the edge the past couple seasons. Tha Crew looks like a well-oiled machine with a three-game win streak. So if I was them, I would run but in control. If it’s not there don't push it but still make them run. Then work off “Ja". Jaliel Randle has been the hot hand with Duvaliar Johnson as the set-up man and Cay Granger is gonna need to grab them boards.

Bucket Getterz need to show they got what it takes to stay at the top. Taking on weaker comp than Tha Crew. Jarrett Green needs to take charge with Myron and get guys going. They both have been laying down on both sides of the ball but will be up against the real deal with Tha Crew. Role players like Berto Lara and Erick need to make it count when they are on the floor for Buckett Getterz.

Predictions: Oh yeah .... Grabbing the coin. Sorry, Tha Crew by 6.


8 p.m. - Oh Boy (2-2) vs Impact Basketball (3-1)

Game three we got two teams coming off a loss in Impact vs Oh Boy. Impact just needs to show Oh Boy they got "bounce back", and they do. I don't think Impact has ever, ever lost back-to-back games. Beau Barney has averaged around 30 against Oh Boy and will need to do so once again. Superman Sufi needs to get guys working inside out as most of their points are from the 3-point line. This one should be hype and might be going live.

Oh Boy needs bodies as in guys need to show up in Eric Belsar and Vincent Rogers, their head assists guys. Thru the first three weeks he was in control of Oh Boys’ Offense. The team is also going to need Deandre Molden back to his normal ways as last week was not one he will want to remember. Oh Boy will need to dig deep if they want this one.

Predictions: The best time to kick a giant is while its down, so OH Boy is going to need to run and finish layups. Can't Bet against Impact though on a back to back loss.

9 p.m. - MGTOW (3-1) vs Under Dogs (0-4)

This one could get ugly with MGTOW vs The Under Dogs. MGTOW just took down the No. 1 so they are on cloud nine. Plus I don't think the Under Dogs have the size to battle them so watch the stats after this one is done. If Under Dogs have any chance they will need the sixth man, the Angels in the Outfield and the cast of Mighty Ducks.

Oh snap I forgot coach Bombay. Lmao no lie, I needed a minute after that one. Denzel Valerio and Marvin Augustin should have a field day as MGTOW top scorers. Rodney Anderson for the Under Dogs needs to pull out stall gate and zone offense if they even want to make the close.

Predictions: MGTOW by a lot.