The Playoff Push is On

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AUSTIN: Week 7 Power Rankings

By K. Scott | Austin League Coordinator

1. Arsenal (6-0)

Arsenal continues to be the best team in the league. They are suffocating teams with their defense and they have scorers that are blowing games open in the second half.

2. Lifetime Elite (5-1)

Lifetime elite demolished the Heat this week are looking like they are getting into playoff mode. The most impressive thing about this victory is that they got everyone involved in the offense scoring baskets. This will help them out in the coming weeks if everyone is in their rhythm.

3. Team Finesse (4-2)

Team Finesse is starting to look more and more like they are trying to get to the championship. They all even had on new jerseys. Dwayne Patterson continues to have an MVP type season.

4. The Blaze (4-2)

The Blaze look like they are starting to build some chemistry. Aaron Urbanus is making the team look like we thought they would at the beginning of the season.

5. Professors (2-4)

The Professors have been up and down this season. It’s hard to say why, but we do believe they will turn it around when it’s playoff time. 

6.  N.U.K. (2-4)

The N.U.K.s lost another close game, but they will okay come playoff time. They are never out of a game. You have to love the way they fought back against Arsenal last week.

7. Heat (1-5)

The Heat are in the same boat every year. A nice collection of talent, but not enough time and regular attendance to put it all together. The season started off very promising, but they were not able to sustain a real rotation, because players were missing. There are two more games for them to have fun as a squad, but it’s a wrap after that.

8. Shots Fired (0-5)

Shots Fired may not have won a game yet, but this is a good team. They started the season without having any real time to develop any real chemistry, and they are missing a big man. Their guards can compete with the best in the league, but they’ll need to pick up one solid post player to really compete. All they can hope for now is to play spoiler.

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