Scottsdale Going Up On a Tuesday

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SCOTTSDALE: Week 7 Power Rankings 

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

Whats up Scottsdale! As you can hopefully tell, today is not Thursday. Due to court closures, we’re working with what we got and playing on a Tuesday. As we wrap up the end of the regular season, lets look into the final Power Rankings. 

1. Pup N Suds (5-2)

PNS continues their dominant win streak led by Jack Mazanecs’ near 50/20 game. It’s looking like they’ll be the top seed coming out of Scottsdale, and whoever they play first round will have a tough time guarding Jack. Crazy to think that Brad Carroll is the second option on this squad. 

2. All Bizness (5-2)

It seems like anyone on All Bizness can pop off at any time. Lately it has been Tristan Patrick, but last week it was Bobby Daly. He had 26 points and 10 rebounds as well as 4 assists. I’m still waiting for Webb to pop off. Is this the week? 20 and 10 Andrew Webb. Easy money. 

3. Muppets (3-4)  

The muppets won a huge game over Tyrone Jones and Showtime thanks to a huge game by Brayden Quakenbush who had 36 points and 7 assists. Brayden has been known for making his teammates around him better. Him and Steve Terry have been huge factors for The Muppets’ last few games. This week is the true test of their chemistry when they play top seed Pup ’N Suds.

4. Showtime (4-3)

Even though the scoring has been balanced across all five players, missing Chance Lamont definitely puts a damper on their season as they’ve dropped their third game in a row. They don’t have it much easier this week, as they take on No. 2-seeded All Bizness. 

5. James Meng Talent Agency (3-4)

JMTA has had a roller coaster of a season. Danny Dziedzic and Cristian Rodriguez have had absolute insane seasons. Both of which could be MVP candidates if they win the next game to go .500 on the season. Shouts to the real OG James Meng just for being him. 

6. The Incredible Basketball Players (2-5)

TIBP actually played their best game of basketball last week against JMTA. Im happy to see the trio back on the court and it shows in their second win of the season. Shooting 50 percent from deep and 56 percent from the field, If THAT team shows up in the playoffs, they could be dangerous. 

7. Views From The Swish (2-5)

Another team that’s had a rocky season, and it will only get rockier Tuesday night. Missing first-overall pick Warren La Chance, its going to take a team effort to make up the points that he would bring. We will definitely need another big game from newbie Steve Landell in their double header.