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GREEN VALLEY OPEN: Week 6 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. UnderDogs (3-0)

The UnderDogs are certainly not UnderDogs as they are winners once again, this time to JYD in a 100-74 final. John Loyd put up huge numbers, as always, scoring a game-high 35 points and he's now averaging an incredible 38.7 PPG. He also grabbed 14 rebounds and make nine shots from downtown. Dylan Hansel also had a great game scoring 26 points on six made treys, while Adam Rellah scored 21 points, making three shots from downtown. Dominique Lawrence made is Ultimate Hoops debut and collected a double-double of 16 points on 10 rebounds. Great work UnderDogs.

2. Flight Vegas (3-0)

Flight Vegas played a solid, all-around game against the Villains as they won by a 92-70 score. Vernon Clemens was balling all game long as he scored a team-high 28 points on 12 boards, good enough for his first double-double of the season. He went from scoring four points to now to 28 points as this is the Vernon Clemens we're used to seeing. Ken Peters has made himself quite a home with Flight Vegas after the move from Ball 4 Life as he scored 18 points on 13 rebounds. Point guard Robert Sandoval got himself 21 points on a gam-high eight assists and this Flight Vegas team looks really solid.

3. JYD (1-2)

JYD was without JYD himself in Jerome Williams in their 26-point loss to the UnderDogs. Victor Senn played his first game since week two and scored a team-high 25 points and made six threes. Eric Redeaux got himself 17 points on 12 rebounds, while Kodiak Yazzie scored 12 points. This is of course not the same JYD we've see in seasons past, and it may a little while this season for them to find their grove. 

4. Ball 4 Life (1-2)

Wow Ball 4 Life came to play last week as they put up 137 points to the RudeDogs' 92 points. Have a game Angel Castro as he scored a league-best 43 points in week four and made 11 treys. Mark Trevino also had a great scoring performance as he got himself 37 points and also made 11 treys. Ball 4 Life made 30 3s and I can't remember the last time a team made 30 threes in a game. Zach Dean recorded his first double-double of the season getting 28 points on 12 boards, while Josh Ross scored 20 point on 13 rebounds. Now let's see if Ball 4 Life can keep this up and get more wins this season.

5. Villains (1-3)

Hollis Hale scored a game and season-high 31 points, making nine treys, but it wasn't enough as the Villains fell to Flight Vegas by 22 points. They shot 37 percent from the field and were simply out-played all game long. Andreu Johnson was the other Villain to score in double figures getting himself 13 points. The bright side for the Villains was they went 14-16 from the charity stripe and played very aggressive throughout the course of the game. 

6. RudeDogs (1-3)

Ex NBA player Lamond Murray scored a team-high 36 points on 14 rebounds and you would think that the RudeDogs would've beat Ball 4 Life based on their stats, but they were simply man-handled in their 45-point loss. They were without Travis Sobers and Khalid Cannon in this one and really needed them for sure. Leonard Mitchell lll scored a season-high 34 points on 10 boards, while Ben Carey got himself 10 points. I have to move the RudeDogs to the bottom spot in the rankings, but if they get Sobers and Cannon back next week, perhaps they will make it a competitive game.