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TEMPE DRAFT: Week 7 Predictions 

By Dakota Browning-Dudley

Well, it’s been another great season(for some).  With the curtains closing on Tempe’s draft regular season, we’ve got one team looking to avoid going winless and one looking to complete an undefeated season.  Here’s how I see the final matchups of the season playing out.  

8 p.m. - Westside Connected vs FndF

Not really sure who’ll be playing for FndF other than their reliable core of Jimmy, Mike & Adam. Other than them, one thing remains constant....bad defense. However, I’m not sure Westside Connected has the firepower to exploit FndF’s weakness.  Bickerstaff was on fire from deep last night in Gilbert, if he brings that shower with him tonight, FndF should be able to secure another dub tonight.  

Prediction:  FndF by 4

8 p.m. - Keepin’ It A Bean vs Shooting Slumps

With their undefeated season on the line, I expect to see high energy from Keepin’ it a Bean from start to finish.  They’ll need to bring their A game defensively to slow down Shooting Slumps’ league-leading offense.  It’s almost a given that Xavier & Warren will get theirs; this one will most likely come down to the supporting casts.  

Prediction:  Keepin’ it a Bean by 7

9 p.m. - Slice ‘N Dice vs Divine Intervention 

Time is running out for Slice ‘N Dice to avoid being Tempe’s version of the Cleveland Browns.  Unfortunately for them, they play what will be this league’s No. 2 seed.  Midnight waiver wire pickup Jordan Guy will probably be able to help keep it fun to watch/somewhat competitive, but I doubt we’ll see an upset here. 

Prediction:  Divine Intervention by 12

9 p.m. - FndF vs Not Going 

Not Going had to fight through their doubleheader last week.  This week, they face a team playing them on the backend of their own two game night.  A very interesting matchup in this one will be Adam & Cam, who last matched up in the playoffs on the way to Adam’s championship run.  Here’s a chance for Cam to get revenge on the seasoned vet. 

Prediction:  Not Going by 5

Also, just wanted to give a quick shoutout to all the staff that worked for us in Tempe this season, thanks a lot to all of you.  Appreciate all the hard work this season. 

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