Hooligans Starting to Slip


SYOSSET: Week 7 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


1. Let’s Do This Again (4-2)

Adam Sutton and his Let’s Do This Again team have found their way back to the top. They have won two straight games and as a team they are starting to get contributions from everyone. Last week the team only had five players available, but that didn’t stop them from grinding out a win. The surprise of the week was Kishore Hemrajani scoring 18 points and knocking down plenty of open jumpers.  Jared Wulfow did an excellent job finding his teammates and he needs to continue to run the offense. When Wulfow runs the show Let’s Do This Again is at their best pushing the ball finding open shots.  

2. Hooligans (4-2)

The Hooligans just two weeks ago looked unstoppable with their strong starting five, but they have now fallen off just a bit. They haven’t played the way they are capable of playing in the last few weeks, but they still rank 1st in the league in scoring and points allowed. They have one of the league’s best duos with Jay Harris and Stephen Sombrotto and come playoff time when games become a defensive battle the Hooligans will be prepared. Sombrotto can take the pressure off Harris and guard any position on the floor.

3. Ballerz (3-2)

The Ballerz are coming off a big win over the Hooligans and with their roster they can beat anyone in this league. They have one of the most complete teams top to bottom that can take over a game on either side of the ball. Mike Seff has carried the Ballerz offensively scoring just over 18 per game, but the best part for Seff is he doesn’t have to worry about playing both sides of the ball as much. Zeb Pirzada and Richie Crusco are two excellent defenders who can help out on defense and lock up guys. Then the game changer has been Cedric Wallace. Wallace changes the game with his ability to rebound and block shots.  

4. Dream Team (3-2)

The Dream Team has had their ups and downs this season as a team, but Chris Albano has been consistent every week dominating games. Albano leads the team averaging 20 points and 15 rebounds per game. He has been excellent on the boards grabbing extra possessions over and over which has led to his big numbers. For the Dream Team to take the next step they need to be more consistent as a team. They have two weeks left two try and get it going before the playoffs come around.

5. Walking Dead (2-4)

The Walking Dead have relied heavily on their team captain Tom Dimicelli to carry them and he has done all he can to bring them to a win each and every week. Dimicelli leads the league in scoring at 26 per game getting up shots in bunches. Without Dimicelli scoring the ball the team struggles to get consistent offense. The bigger problem for the Walking Dead has been getting stops on defense to stop long runs from their opponents. The Walking Dead need to play better on defense to have a shot at making a run in the playoffs.

6. Shooting Stars (1-5)

The Shooting Stars have struggled all season long, but their main issue is their slow starts. Every game they come out cold or not aggressive enough and get down in a hole that is always tough to dig out of. They make late runs and always find a way to get back in games. If they can come out from the start and have Alain Wehder and Justin Dattolo knock down shots it will open up shots for others like Mitch Ross and Jason Dattolo who both can hit shots when given the opportunity. They will more than likely finish as the last seed, but they won’t be a roll over win in the playoffs.

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