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FORT WORTH: Week 7 Predictions

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

Gentle reminder: League night is Monday night due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Why is everyone bird watching? Because the Pink Flamingos are leading the flock and everyone is in the rear view mirror chasing the leaders. The target was on back of LT Colleyville the first half of the season but has now moved to the Birds. They will need to be ready each game moving forward as their opponents will want to upend the Big Bird. Here are this week's matchups and predictions. 

7 p.m. Rough Riders (3-3) vs. Pink Flamingos (5-1)

This was a 14-point game the first go round. It also happened to be Dominique Burnett's worst game in two seasons at UH with a 0.6 PPR (no, that is not a typo). As he goes, so do the Rough Riders. Now I know he will will play better this go round but his teammates will have to pick up some major slack to have a chance.

The Birds are flying high but if they think they can just show up against the Rough Riders, they could be in for a surprise. Greg Jackson has added depth and athleticism on the perimeter. it wouldn't surprise me if the Rough Riders won but several things would have to go their way. 

Prediction: Rough Riders 64 - Pink Flamingos 72

8 p.m. Pine Riders (2-4) vs. LT Colleyville (4-2)

This was a 40-point blow out last time. That also included no Dwayne McDonald for the Pine Riders. Now, do I see that making up a 40-point difference? I seriously doubt it. Regardless, this should be closer than the first game. Colleyville will no doubt be looking to find their offensive prowess after their worst output of the season, only putting up 37 against the Birds. 

Prediction: Pine Riders 72 - LT Colleyville 84

9 p.m. HFTC (0-6) vs. Ball Don't Lie (4-2)

This was one-sided by 43 in favor of Ball Don't Lie in the first matchup. Pierre Tompkins led the way with 25 points for his highest offensive production in UH. Lately it has been the Carl Granger show. Not sure HFTC has anyone to stop or slow down Carl.  Two good matchups to watch are Pierre Tompkins vs. Victor Manta at point guard and Lamont Stokes vs. Brian Butterweck in the post. if Gent Seji can show for HFTC, that will help. 

Prediction: HFTC 64 - Ball Don't Lie 82

See you on the court!

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