Massa Coastal Continues Their Dominance

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WESTCHESTER: Week 6 Power Rankings

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator

1. Massa Coastal (5-0)

No one seems to be able to stop these guys. They just seem to do everything right. Last week Mike Coburn dominated yet another game recording a triple double and coasting to an easy victory. Another week and still undefeated. They deserve to be at the top.

2. Shake & Bake (2-3)

With Antione Johnson not around in Week 5 for their matchup against Mazzacone Drainers they could not get the win. They still have a top tier team, so look for them to turn things around and get back on track for the playoffs.

3. Mazzacone Drainers (3-2)

It’s been a very strong showing for Mazzacone Drainers and they feel confident going into the latter half of the season. They seem to have a knack for sticking around and taking advantage of mismatches in games.

4. Illmatic (2-3)

A team that no one wants to see late in games. The can score quickly and rebound very very well. They will need to turn things around if they expect to go into playoffs with a chance. They need a couple more wins to hold their heads a float going into the playoffs. If they pull that off, they can definitely contend for a chip this season.

5. ManDown (2-3)

With lots of things up in the air this season, no team has more question marks than ManDown. Their big man went down and seem to struggle with ending games on a high note. Fatigue seems to cause major issues. Hopefully they pull things together before it’s too late.

6. ’98 Knicks (1-4)

Although they finally got a win this season, don’t expect that to change too much for them. ’98 Knicks will need to pull something magical off if they want to have a shot to get out of the first round of the playoffs. They still have some talent, but if they don’t start turning that into wins it will cost them.