Who's a Contender and Who's a Pretender?


SUMMERLIN REC:  Week 6 Power Rankings

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate


1. Ball is Life (5-0)

These guys surprisingly let Beacon hang around last week but all that matters is they got the win.  They defeated Beacon 104-92 in a game that was much closer than we all thought it would be.  MVP front-runner Mihail Kocevski scored 35 points, Chris Ford had 20, and Bobby Mears had 19 to lead Ball is Life. 

Once again they put on a shooting exhibition as they shot 53 percent as a team and also shot 40 percent from deep.  This team is clicking on all cylinders right now and if they want to get in a track meet with you they will if they want to slow it down they can do that.  This team has down this in seasons past and we will see how they matchup with Recspekt in a few weeks.  There is no doubt this team is a contender and right now they are the overwhelming favorite to win the title this season.  Next up for Ball is Life is the Hickory Huskers.

2. Chris’s Angels (4-1)

Besides Ball is Life there isn’t a hotter team in the league right now.  The Angels have won four straight and they look to be getting better and better each week.  This past week they held on to defeat the Easy Go Travelers 82-77 in which was a great back and fourth ball game.  Henry Nguyen scored 28 points on 12-16 shooting and Adam Schmitt scored 29 points and grabbed 16 boards. 

These two combined for 57 of the teams 82 points and the Angels also out rebounded the much bigger Easy Go Travelers by 19.  The addition of Benji Roufs is paying off this season for the Angels as he is bringing the energy to this squad and his effort is affecting everyone on the team.  Roufs alone had 13 rebounds last week in 29 minutes of action.  This team is a contender and some could argue they could be 5-0.  In week one they were with out some key players in the game they lost to Ball is Life.  The Angels should run the table the rest of the way and a 7-1 record awaits them.

3. Recspekt (4-1)

Recspekt showed no mercy last week in coming off a lost the previous week.  The destroyed the improved SP 101 team 101-54 and showed they are still the big dog of the league.  Edward Vaughns put up 38 points, Haley Vinson had 24 points, and GM Stefan Hanania had 24 points and 15 rebounds.  

The thing with Recspekt is they can turn it on whenever they want.  They are a contender, we all know that but when their whole team is there I think no one can beat them.  I wonder if we will see Will Holvoet play one game before the playoffs start.  That will be huge for this squad if he does so he can be eligible in the playoffs.  Just something to keep an eye on.  Recspekt gets BAR this week and they shouldn’t be tested until next week when the play WTF JR?

4. WTF JR? (4-1)

This team just continues to win and no one realizes how good they are.  They are 4-1 and their schedule sets up for them to make some noise the next two weeks.  Last week WTF JR? escaped with a win over the winless HYR Life team 90-88 but a win is a win and I am sure GM Brad Coughlin will take it.  Sean Breen scored 32 points to lead the way and had five 3s as well. 

John Murillo had a nice double double with 18 points and 14 boards and the father son connection of Max and his son Max scored 30 points between them.  I still believe this team is a contender but we will find out how good they are in the next two weeks.  This week they get the Chris’s Angels and then Recspekt.  A crucial two week stretch for WTF JR?

5. Easy Go Travelers (2-3)

Last week was a big game for Easy Go.  Granted they lost a close one to the Chris’s Angels 82-77 its safe to say this was the best Easy Go has looked and through five games it looks like this team is finally coming together.  Chemistry is always tough for a new team and this team has struggled to find it this season. 

However Easy Go knows they have the talent to compete and win this league.  It looks like Sam Earl will be playing in Week 7 and Week 8 which will make him eligible for the playoffs.  This team was built around him and if he does play this is one team the top teams will not want to see in the early round of the playoffs.  Easy Go should finish the season at 5-3 or 4-4 so it will be very interesting to see where the fall in the seeding.  There is no question this team is still a contender because of the talent on this team and the fact they are getting better each week.  If they continue to gel and get some momentum going this is a team to watch.

6. Beacon (2-3)

Another team that is still finding its way and by the end of the season could be very dangerous.  This past week Beacon gave Ball is Life all they wanted but they couldn’t pull off the upset and lost 104-92.   What was encouraging for Beacon was the performance on offense.  The 92 points was a season high but the 47 percent field goal percentage was also a season high. 

Devin Dunn, playing in his third game of the season, scored 28 points to lead Beacon.  His presence and scoring ability is something that Beacon has been missing and pairing him with Mr. Double Double Tim Parelli is going to be something to watch as we hit the stretch run.  Beacon is a pretender but I do think they will continue to improve each week but I don’t think they have the pieces yet to defeat the top tier teams.  Next up for Beacon is a date with HYR Life.

7. SP 101 (2-3)

A tough week last week for the SP 101 team as they ran into an upset Recspekt team that was coming off a tough loss.  SP 101 got blown out 101-54.  Not a lot of good to take away from last week’s game but Manzik Kaden scored 16 points and Mikey Margolin scored 15. 

This team does have two wins and looking ahead at their schedule they may only have the chance at one more.  This team is no doubt a pretender but if they finish 3-5 and possibly win a first round playoff game that will be a great season for the first year franchise.  This week they get an improving Easy Go Travelers team.

8. BAR (1-4)

Welcome back Jason Matalon!  The long time UH vet made his return to the league and led BAR to their first win of the season as they defeated the Hickory Huskers 88-62.  Matalon scored 34 points on 16-29 shooting, grabbed 11 rebounds, and handed out 5 assists.  The 88 points were the most BAR has scored all season and Matalon definitely gave them a jolt of energy in the right direction.  

BAR is a pretender, we all know that but with a scorer like Matalon it will be interesting to see how BAR finishes the season now.  Can they pull an upset or two down the stretch?  We will see if they can as they got Recspekt and the Angels the next two weeks.

9. Hickory Huskers (1-4)

Let’s be honest Hickory should probably be 0-5 if it wasn’t for picking up three players in week one and pulling off an upset over Easy Go.  Hickory has lost four straight and they got taken to the woodshed last week by BAR a team that was winless going into that game.  Hickory lost to BAR 88-62 and was out scored by 30 points in the second half.  Hickory is no doubt a pretender and I am wondering if they will win another game this season.   They get Ball is Life this coming Tuesday and I wonder how many points they will surrender to them? 

10. HYR Life (0-5)

Hats off to these guys for their performance last week.  This team is 0-5 but they almost pulled off the upset of the season against WTF JR?  They took them to the limit but just fell short 90-88.  

HYR Life had a well balance game and Trevor Martin led the way with 23 points.  Nathaniel Burgess also scored 18 points and grabbed 16 rebounds.  At 0-5 these guys are a pretender and more than likely they are looking at a 0-8 record.  However if they put fourth that same effort as last week they may catch some team off guard.  This week HYR Life matches up with Beacon.