Week 4 is a Coin Flip

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WESTMINSTER: Week 4 Predictions

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Hand Down Man Down (0-2) vs Long Shots (0-2)

It's a battle of the two teams that started late with the Long Shots taking on Hand Down Man Down. Both teams are 0-2 looking for their first win of the season. Hand Down has been looking a little better only losing games by single digits as Long Shots have been losing by double digits.

Matchups are key in this game and it starts with Derek Elliot on the Long Shots side he has been filling it up with 35 points per game average. As well as the addition of Tyler Kloepfer who will give them size to battle down low and block shots. Hand Down Man Down has some defenders in Jeremiah Ramos, Nader Nizam and myself Greg Loomis so we should be able to slow them down. Hand Down's main focus needs to be on rebounding plus taking care of the ball, making it hurt on other team when they miss opportunities. Tempo could be fast pace which would favor the Long Shots. H.D.M.D has played with a mix and matched line up this should be the week they see a full roster.

Predictions: Neither team can afford to lose dropping them lower in the standings. Long Shots have more fire power as Hand Down is bringing the heart. Heart over skill Hand Down by 7

7 p.m. - Tha Crew (2-1) vs The Hoopers (1-2)

Usually this game would be a heavy hitter but The Hoopers have lost to much talent as Tha Crew has picked up more. With the lose of D.J and Mitchell the Hoopers have picked up guards Umar Kahn and Rammy Alabssi who have the scoring but not the size those guys played with. Leaving much of the dirty work on Devin Zalare.

Now for Tha Crew they added A.J Soto and sharp shooter Jeremy Vaugh which gives them the extra set of legs to run and a shooter that knows how to use his gun. So the Hoopers are going to need to slow Tha Crew down, make it long and tough game. Jaliel Randle and Duvalier Johnson will be looking to add to their season totals and grabbing another win. As Chris Ellis will be finding out away to spoil their win streak.

Predictions: Tha Crew was missing Cay Granger last week if he returns with full health The Hoopers have no chance. Tha Crew by 10

8 p.m. - Under Dogs (0-3) vs Bucket Getterz (2-1) 

Two teams headed in different directions with the Buckett Getterz and the Under Dogs. Buckett Getterz are on a two-game win streak and Under Dogs on a three-game losing streak. Jarrett Green and Myron Puryear have been leading the way for BG's with Jarrett's shooting and Myrons hustle. Under Dogs are going to have to dig deep if they want it and lean on Jason Kurtz plus Rodney Anderson.

The Under Dogs led scorers and guys that most work together, three games in and yet to use one another. If Under Dogs can get them going and establish a little D on the Buckett Getterz they may have a chance. One thing to watch is who shows up as Bucket Getterz each week gain another guy and someone on the Under Dogs misses the game.

Predictions: Bucket Getterz are hot right now no way the coin is going against them. BG by 12

8 p.m. - Impact Basketball (3-0) vs MGTOW (2-1)

Game of the night written all over this one with Impact vs MGTOW. If rosters are full this one should be a banger with the top two scoring teams go head to head. Big names as well as bodies like Marvin Augustin and Andre Hines should be matched up head to head. Both guys bring a load with their size and skill down low.

Also with the guards Ryan Mathews and Imran Sufi for Impact matched up against Jaden Courage and Denzel Valerio. In a battle of the old school vs the new school. This is the second week in a row MGTOW is going to be battle tested as Impact is coming off a win against lesser comp. Aaron Lohmann is hoping he can lay down a blueprint to stop Impact the real question is does he have the guys to do it?

Predictions: If Impact only suits 5 they maybe in trouble as MGTOW subs waves of people at you. If they got 6 they in the mix. Coin on heads says Impact by 8

9 p.m. - Oh Boy (2-1) vs Fire Squad Elite (2-1)

Fire Squad bounces back from their loss two weeks ago now it’s time to see if Oh Boy can do the same against them. Fire Squad definitely has the speed over Oh Boy but they have got the I.Q. and size. OH Boy know they can't let this turn into a track meet.

Plus keep a eye on Omar Juarez and Zach Snyder the guys Fire Squad runs thru. Zach is usually sending outlet passes to his guards as Omar sets up for the 1-on-1 plays plus guards the best player on the other side. On the other side Aaron Townsend and Vincent Rogers need to step up from their last outing. Where Vince had 1 assist and Aaron shot only two 3s all game. That kinda play will end up in another L. The games have been back and fourth in the past so this should be a good one.

Predictions: It sucks cause I am not in this battle and Oh Boy finally has a roster. If someone like a Brad Newton or Eric Belsar steps up on Oh Boy I could see a victory. With Fire Squad playing hot I have no choice but to flip. Oh snap Oh Boy by 2