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BURLINGTON: Week 6 Predictions

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

The time has come for the Rox to prove themselves. After a four-game winning streak, the Rox have risen to number two in the power rankings, and are preparing for their toughest test of the season yet. No team has been able to knock $hmoney off the throne, but no one is invisible. As we prepare for Week 6, our eyes are on a Rox team who could send a huge message with a win this week. Let’s check out this week’s games.

7 p.m. – Legendary (2-3) vs Dream Team (4-1)

This is a huge game for both squads. Dream Team is coming off a tough loss, and looking to prove they can still hang with the best that UH Burlington has to offer. Legendary is also coming off a tough loss in which they only had four players in a tough fought game. Both teams have something to prove. Both teams need to get back on track. Legendary may end up shorthanded again, and you just can’t do that against a good team like the Dream Team.

Prediction: Dream Team.

7 p.m. – Fire (2-3) vs. Wolves (0-5)

I honestly think that Fire has found a gem in 6’3 forward Jahleel Moise. He will be a major factor in determining how far his team can go in the playoffs. But before we look to far ahead, we have to make sure they take care of team’s like the Wolves first. At 2-3, a few wins will go a long way for Fire. Simply put, you don’t want to be the team to give a winless team their first win.

Prediction: Fire

8 p.m. – The Wildcats (0-5) vs. Reformation (2-3)

The Wildcats are still in need of their first win of the season. Reformation is looking to gain momentum as they close out the regular season. In order to be taken seriously and considered a contender, Reformation needs to take care of business and come out on top this week. We’ll see what they are made of soon.

Prediction: Reformation

8 p.m. – $hmoney (5-0)  vs. The Rox (4-1)

GAME. OF. THE. WEEK! For the second time in as many weeks, $hmoney’s matchup is pegged as the game of the week. $money puts it’s undefeated streak on the line against a Rox team that has won its fourth straight and has played well up to this point. However, I still don't think they have enough to take down $hmoney.

Prediction: $hmoney

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