Expansions Expanding Up The Rankings


FOLSOM: Week 6 Power Rankings

By James Doran | Folsom League Coordinator

1. Game Time (4-1)

Last Week: Won 69 – 40 vs Scrappy Hour

With the return of Tyler Alexander, basketball returned to normalcy at Lifetime Folsom. Game Time was absolutely dominant on both ends of the floor and won by 30 against Scrappy Hour. The statistics from the game didn’t jump off the page, perhaps Game Time was just trying to get through the game without injury or they were preserving some energy for the rest of the season.

Regardless, we can see it’s going to be tough to match the forward tandem of Alexander and Jacobs. They are averaging a combined 37 ppg, 21 rpg and 7.5 apg on the year. No other tandem is close to those numbers. Game Time will presumably keep rolling against Chuck Taylor’s this week.

2. Locker Room Talk (4-1)

Last Week: Won 79 – 41 vs Chuck Taylor’s

Since their loss to Game Time in Week 2, Locker Room Talk has been mowing through the rest of the league. Their margin of victory on their three game win streak has been by 18.6 ppg. LRT is also the best defensive team in the league. They are first in points allowed (58.2), first in steals a game (9.8), first in blocks per game (3.0) and second in rebounds per game (40.0).

Their usual zone defensive strategy forces opponents to make shots from the outside, and few have succeeded. The long arms of Visman Martz and Phelps make it hard to get a good window to shoot from. Logan Ahlin has also been a bright spot on the defensive end. Logans Tazmanian Devil like energy leads to many steals and fast break layups, or dunks in this case for Locker Room Talk. LRT put on a show against the Chuck Taylor’s last week, rocking the rim with five dunks in the game. We are excited to see whats next for this group as they face off against the Expansions tonight.

3. Expansions (3-2)

Last Week: Won 85 -72 vs Ballbarians

In what turned out to be the top game last week, the Expansions came out on top and proved they have what it takes to raise a banner. The Ballbarians are a team that likes to push the pace, but that was gladly invited by the Expansions as they may have even tired the Ballbarians with a pace of their own.

Eric Kagan was a blur on the court as he raced for 20 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals. Alex DiManno rose once again to the challenge, leading the team with 25 points, grabbing 12 rebounds, and dishing out 5 assists. The Expansions are on the rise, and have a huge test tonight against Locker Room Talk. Get ready for some fireworks.

4. Ballbarians (3-2)

Last Week: Lost 72 – 85 vs Expansions

Ouch. The Ballbarians were beat at their own game and are left in the bottom half of the power rankings after a shellacking by the Expansions. A recurring theme for them this season has been getting off to slow starts. In their game against the Expansions, the Ballbarians found themselves down 16 points with still 15 minutes to go in the first half.

The Ballbarians battled valiantly throughout the rest of the game, but could not get over the horrible start to the game. To compete against the top teams in the league, they will have to be versatile in their style of play, and take more pride on the defensive side of the ball. Let’s see if they can get something going against Scrappy Hour tonight.

5. Chuck Taylor’s (1-4)

Last Week: Lost 41 – 79 vs Locker Room Talk

The Chuck Taylor’s played like an old shoe in their game against Locker Room Talk last week. The 41 points were a season low for them. A glaring hole obviously was the absence of Mark Payne, who missed his second game of the year. With Mark on the court the opportunity of open shots for the role players expands greatly, so hopefully they can get their star player back this week. They will need him in their contest with No. 1 ranked Game Time.

6. Scrappy Hour (0-5)

Last Week: Lost 40 – 69 vs Game Time

As Scrappy Hour has battled week in and week out to try and get on the winning side, they threw up a dud last week against Game Time. Their mental toughness is truly being tested this year. They have suffered multiple injuries and had unfortunate bounces late in games that can be tough on any player.

Scrappy Hour could easily be a .500 team, but now is not the time for excuses. In the first game of the year, Scrappy Hour was defeated by the Ballbarians in the final seconds, losing by one. They have a big revenge spot here this evening against the same Ballbarian squad. Fans are looking forward to a battle tonight.