Can Chris’s Angels Make Another Statement?


SUMMERLIN REC:  Week 6 Predictions

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate


BAR (1-4) vs. Recspekt (4-1)

We start out our night with the champs taking on BAR.  Recspekt got back on track last week and BAR got their first win of the season thanks to their free agent pickup of UH vet Jason Matalon.  This week they will have an uphill battle against Recspekt and they will need Matalon to have another big game if they want to have a chance in this one. 

BAR will need to slow the game down and hope they make all their possessions count.  If they can do that and Matalon and JJ Buchanan can get hot then they may have a slight chance.  Recspekt is a machine that if they lose its because they beat themselves or they have attendance issues.  BAR will play some good defense against them this week but Recspekt has Edward Vaughns, Charles Vinson, and Charles DeJohnette.  That trio will be way too much for BAR tomorrow night and they will blow out BAR. 

Prediction: Recspekt- 81, BAR- 64


Chris’s Angels (4-1) vs. WTF JR? (4-1)

Our game of the night is a matchup of two title contenders.  Chris’s Angels comes in red hot, winners of four straight and WTF JR? comes in winners of two straight.  Both of these teams get after it and play physical defense.  It should come down to which top player can get going and can sustain it.  Sean Breen for WTF JR? will be the player to watch for them and Adam Schmitt will be the one to watch for the Angels.  Both of these guys can score and score a lot but both will in do it in different ways.  Breen is one of the most prolific 3-point shooters in UH history and Schmitt is one of the most active big men in any of our leagues. 

It will be very interesting to see how these teams match up against them.  With the focus on Schmitt and Breen both teams will need guys to step up and take the load off them.  I am looking fro Max Miller-Hooks and his son Max-Miller Hooks IV to be two that will step up for WTF JR? and cause problems for the Angels.  The Angels will look to Henry Nguyen fresh off his 28-point performance last week against Easy Go to take some of the pressure off Schmitt and also Chris Ward will need to hit some big shots this week.  I think both teams will be ready to go tomorrow night but there is just something to this Angels team right now that I like right now.  Maybe it’s the energy of Benji Roufs but the chemistry is there right now and look for the Angels to move to 5-1 this week in another hard fought battle.

Prediction: Chris’s Angels- 73, WTF JR? – 68

Ball is Life (5-0) vs. Hickory Huskers (1-4)

This game is going to be ugly and if Ball is Life wants to they just may set another scoring record, which they already own.  They are playing a Hickory team that is going south in a hurry, they have lost four straight and last week they got blown out by BAR who was winless on the season prior to the game.  Ball is Life has three legit MVP candidates in Chris Ford, Mihail Kocevski, and Bobby Mears. 

Any of three could win it but Kocevski is the front runner so far this season.  He is averaging 35 PPG and has been unstoppable so far this season.  Adding him with Mears and Ford has made for a deadly trio and no one has been able to stop them this season.  I don’t foresee Kerry Knoll and company having any chance in slowing them down this week.  Ball is Life cruises to 6-0.

Prediction: Ball is Life- 117, Hickory Huskers- 88


HYR Life (0-5) vs. Beacon (2-3)

HYR Life played their best game of the season last week almost upsetting WTF JR?  Beacon gave Ball is Life a game but ran out of steam down the stretch.  Beacon is a team that seems to be starting to find themselves as the season goes and this should be a week they are able to put it together.  Devin Dunn and Tim Parelli should have a field day against HYR life. 

Last week they combined for 53 points and 17 rebounds in the loss to Ball is Life.  The two of them should have no problem duplicating that this week against the winless HYR Life squad.  Beacon though will need to account for HYR Life’s Nathaniel Burgess who is averaging 23 PPG in his first season.   Look for Beacon to bully HYR Life and for this game to be over early in the second half. 

Prediction: Beacon- 96, HYR Life- 61


Easy Go Travelers (2-3) vs. SP 101 (2-3)

Our final game of the night is a battle of two teams looking two get back to .500 and improve their seeding for the playoffs.  SP 101 has been a nice story so far this season as the team formally called the Free Agents already have two wins this season have played very well so far and will be looking to pull a big upset this Tuesday.  They will need to find a way to overcome the size difference Easy Go will have on them this week.  SP 101’s tallest player is 6’0n” and Easy Go will have a 6’10” and 6’8” guy out there at the same time.  SP 101 will need to shoot the ball extremely well and Manzik Kaden and Mikey Margolin are going to have to have career games if they want to have any chance.  Easy Go should cruise in this one. 

They are 2-3, which is surprising, but they are finally starting to play well.  Last week in their loss to the Chris’s Angels they battled hard and almost pulled it out.  Easy Go has three weeks to continue to get better and if they continue to improve and gel they are going to be very dangerous come playoff time.  This week they need to stay focused, play hard, and establish an identity.  Look for a lot of Kenny McNeil, Mike Smiljanic, and Tij Von Nieda.  Easy Go gets back on track this week.

Prediction: Easy Go Travelers- 97, SP 101- 69