Showtime Proves Their Dominance Halfway through the Season


SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

Good morning/afternoon/evening Scottsdale, it’s your boy AB and after this week we’ll be officially halfway through the season. Most teams are learning how to jell together, and some are not. Let’s take a look at who is where. 

1. Showtime (4-0)

Still undefeated, Showtime is making a statement after a MONSTER game from Bjorn Melander last week (28 points, 17 rebounds) even without captain Chance Lamont. If that’s how they’ll play without him, it looks like they’ll be alright after all. 

2. All Bizness (2-1)

Despite the loss last week, I put AB this high because of a sudden eruption from my favorite Kentuckian Tristan Patrick. Biz won’t have an off shooting week like last week two weeks in a row, I’m sure of it. AND....I’m still waiting on the first bucket from Andrew Webb. 

3. Pups ‘N Suds (2-2)

It seems like PNS is clicking, winning by an easy 15 points last week without their star captain Vinnie T. Absolutely huge performance from Emery Jeffers, shooting nearly perfect from the field (6-7, 4-4 3PT). Scary deep team at No. 3. 

4. James Meng Talent Agency (1-3)

Still high on the list but they got their first win! Specifically a huge game from Alvin Mansar (21 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists). First-round pick Jordan Colson finally showed, which means this squad only gets better. 

5. Views from the Swish (1-2)

Definitely the smallest team height wise, but somehow out-rebounding four other teams. VFTS has lots of heart, but not a lot of defense to match the heart. Looking to Samurai Warren La Clutch to recover from this weekends shenanigans, and guide this hungry squad to a W. 

6. Muppets (1-2)

Finally got a win last week led by Neb Petkovic’s heroic game winning layup and Brayden Quakenbush’s 35 points. Definitely a tough team, especially now that they have the confidence after their first win. 

7. The Incredible Basketball Players (1-2)

Not super incredible basketball players as of late. Definitely missed Nick Guerrieri last week in their 15-point loss. They put up 64 shots and only came up with 76 points. Let’s see how this week goes?