The Ballerz Claim the Top Spot to Start the Season

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SYOSSET: Vets League Preseason Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator

 1. Ballerz

The vets league draft wrapped up last night and the best team on paper is the Ballerz. Team captain Mike Seff had the second pick in the draft and made sure to select the best big man in the league. Seff selected Cedric Wallace who has career averages of 10 points, 14 rebounds and 2 blocks per game in the Vets league. With Wallace blocking shots and rebounding the ball it will make the game easier for the guys around him. Seff completed his draft by selecting shooters Zeb Pirzada and Peter Deplas. Lookout for this team if they can get everyone on the same page playing together.

 2. Hooligans

The Hooligans are back once again led by Ultimate Hoops Hall of Fame Nominee Jay Harris and his 14 championships. Harris is always a captain in the vets league and always seems to find a way to select his Hooligans teammates. This season Harris had the third pick in the draft and selected Stephen Sombrotto. This combo will be an interesting one because Harris is known for his slow half court offense and Sombrotto is known for his Shake N Bake teams that are run and gun offenses. Together they should be able to play a little bit of both styles and be a solid combo.

 3. Dream Team

The Dream Team fits right into the middle at the number three spot. They are led by team captain Chris Albano who is a captain in the Vets league for the first time. In his first season as captain Albano selected some tough guys who have been playing in the vets league for a long time. One of those guys is Mike Venuti who knows how to score the ball. Venuti is averaging 15.6 points in his Vets league career and is closing in on 3,000 points in his UH career. The Dream Team will need Venuti to score the ball and be that second option to Albano.

 4. Let’s Do This Again

Let’s Do This Again is formally known as last season’s Let’s Do This team that won the summer championship. Only fitting they will try and repeat what they did last season, but it will be much harder for team captain Adam Sutton this season. Sutton won’t have scoring machine Brandon Dominick by his side this season, but he has a group of tough players including Jared Wulfow who makes his return to the league. Wulfow is known as one of the league’s best all-around players. If Wulfow is on his game it will make for a solid combo with Sutton.

 5. Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars this season are going to be led by two of the best guards in the league who are back again playing with each other. Last season Alain Wehder and Justin Dattolo played together and that combo combined to score 50+ and 60+ points in some games. Both can create off the dribble, shoot the ball from deep and pass the ball really well. If the Shooting Stars want to make some noise this season they will need Dattolo and Wehder to get the job done once again.

 6. Walking Dead

The Walking Dead round out the pre season rankings. Team captain Tom Dimicelli had the last pick of the first round and with his back to back picks selected stretch four big men Dave Konecky and Richie Yorke. When all three of those players are on the court together they will be a really tough team to play, but Yorke will be out for the first few weeks with an injury. Until than guys like Michael Coopersmith and Gregg Fishbein will see more shots and will need to contribute good minutes. The Walking Dead will have their offense controlled by point guard Dave Romilus who can handle the ball very well and I expect this team to surprise some people, but it may take some time.