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TEMPE DRAFT:  Fall 2018 Season Preview 

The weather has cooled off and even though the leaves are not changing colors, the talent level in Tempe definitely is.  Lets take a look at some of the storylines I am excited to see unfold as we tip off this evening.

Backstabbing Draft Strategies

Sometimes, there are unspoken rules when entering draft night.  These sacred rules were broken on multiple occasions this season.  Between Jimmy Dominguez stealing Adam Butler from Warren La Chance and Co. or Kenem Partee preventing the reunion of the ST3s original core by drafting Danny Grier.  Will we see any bad blood from these despicable moves?

The Return of Brad & Chad

I’m stoked to see Xavier Sanchez, Casey Morgan and Austin Garrison back in the leagues.  Always bringing a ton of energy and bro vibes, these guys back together again could mean trouble for whoever they matchup with every week. 

Talent Boost

We see a lot of new or returning faces back in the Tempe draft pool this season. It will be great to have guys we didn’t see last season like Lionel, Jovan, Masih, Dwayne, and Warren (just to name a few) taking the court Monday nights in Tempe. 

 Award Predictions

MVP: Lionel Pehoua

 With only two other big men in the league, Lionel looks like a betting man’s choice for MVP as he should be able to dominate most nights, look out for some crazy stat lines here.

Defensive Player of the Year: Jordan Sisk

Jordan is always in the mix for DPOY, he will have even more room to play aggressive with some rim protection behind him now (Cameron Badgett).  With a career high average in steals sitting at 4.6 per game, I think this might be the season Sisk can raise that to 5 a game. 

Rookie of the Year: Aaron Oakes

 A hard award to predict, but Aaron definitely has the athleticism to be a tough matchup for anyone.  However, I have no idea if he has any basketball skill to be completely honest. 

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